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Thread Exception Catched- Toolkit for Mac


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Hey y'all. 

Sorry my first post is a cry for help. I went through the process of creating a CDLC and everything worked fine until the Toolkit part, at which point I got this gobbledygook when I clicked generate.

Any ideas?



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It clearly states that it could not find a Wwise installation, so it must have something to do with Wwise. Either an unsupported version is installed or its in a location that the toolkit cannot access.

Did you convert the wav file manually to wem or are you using the toolkit for that? It shouldn't be necessary to do anything with Wwise at all, apart from installing it, since the toolkit can convert the file automatically using Wwise command tools. You don't need to open Wwise at all; in fact I haven't opened mine in almost two years or so.

What version of the toolkit are you using? Latest beta or an older version?

I'm no expert and not a toolkit dev, so we'll have to wait for their input but that's what I would be looking into in the meantime.

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@Savoy are you on a Mac?  Well, title says you are so I'm bad.  Toolkit may not work on Mac fully because it uses executable third party tools.  Are you able to install Wwise under Mono.  If so then it may work.  You may want to reach out to the local Mac experts for input on how to solve issue.  Try reaching out to @@Wepeel for starters.

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