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Issues creating manual DD


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Project files here; https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6NOdRrJsHm8ZDIxSGxPVzRYT1E&usp=sharing


Short version, I'm creating my own DD for this track - and while levelling works (to an extent) 100% mastery isn't possible.


It's most obvious on the bass path, the first few purple bars for eg, show zero notes in game at max difficulty. I'm sure this is a result of the way I'm making the DD (copy master track into lower levels and deleting notes I don't want on that level), but advice on how to fix it would be appreciated - and perhaps adding a check / warning in EoF when someone does something stupid (like I am) might be worthwhile.


The Lead / Rhythm paths suffer a similar issue, all notes seem to appear, but the mastery %'s don't match the accuracy ones. 


Other semi related notes;

* EoF hotfix as of today applied. (thanks for the sustains going into another section check!)

* I know there are other issues with the chart, link nexts and FHP etc, but the focus is on getting the DD how I want it for now.

* I know the L/R paths are switched in my EoF project file, I can never remember the correct path name from the list - can we maybe change the path names in EoF so they reflect what RS and the toolkit call them?



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The arrangement type for the guitar tracks isn't specified, you can define which one is lead and which is rhythm with the "Track>Rocksmith>Arrangement type" submenu. This doesn't change the track name, but you can rename the tracks (Track>Rename) to something like "Lead" and "Rhythm" and EOF will save the XML files with names like "Lead_RS2.xml" and "Rhythm_RS2.xml". I could probably add logic so that the arrangement type is displayed someplace like the Info panel or EOF's title bar, but those areas are pretty cluttered already.


One of the main things I notice is that each phrase spans the entire length of the section it's in. Phrases are meant to be in smaller pieces, for example in the verse section it repeats a pattern of E, E, E5, E5 a few times and then E, E, B5, B5. You could make the first pattern the "verse_1" phrase (place that phrase name on each beat where the pattern starts again) and the second pattern could be given a phrase name like "verse_2". Repeat this process for the other verses. Once you've done this, you can do something similar for the other sections of the song. You can use pretty much any naming convention you want for the phrase names, it could be "verse_1", "verse a" or whatever you want with some restrictions on special characters: ( } , \ / : { " ) or any extended ASCII character.

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