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Updating existing CDLC


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As i'm learning the process to make CDLC of my own, i thought it would be a good idea to start checking  some existing ones that could be improved (IMHO). So i made few correction on one or two songs for my personal enjoyment, but now i would like to let other people try it, and share. What would be the best way to do so, in due respect for the work done before me ?


Songs are : Starman (Davide Bowie), and Time (Pink Floyd).


I also have a third one, Somebody to love (Queen), but the transcript taken from internet on that one was so far from the backing-track, that i did all the bass part from scratch... So that one would close to be a new presentation, i guess, if there was not a previous one totally different.


PS : I mainly worked on the tempo map (to achieve the best possible accuracy), and bass part. If some people here can help on checking/improving guitar parts, or editing tones (i use external gear myself instead) or checking dynamic difficulty (i never use it either), that i plan to generate via the DD creator on the toolkit - correcting all the existing part was a bit too much work for me. ;)

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Well you can either create a new CDLC or contact the original charter so that he update his own CDLC with your improvement.


If you choose the first option, a mention of the original charter is always a nice gesture ;)

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