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This is awesome



Hey guys,


I'm often lurking in the shadows, but today found the stregth (omg that was so hard) to post an actual thank you note for Ignition, and also everything else on this platform -e.g. the toolkit, the song manager, the active community, everything.


Ignition is dope. I gotta say, it's way easier to find what you're looking for. The thing is, I only have one trouble as of right now - ignition never notifies me when updates are available. I remember a while back, there was this notification thing in the upper right corner (if my memories are indeed correct). If I clicked on that, the listing cleared and showed only he tracks in my collection that had been updated since my last visit.


I miss that, I don't know why it doesn't work anymore (on my computer at least, maybe this is a user-specific bug or something, and most people still get these, I don't know), but that was very usefull.


Anyways, thank all of you for the amazing work, making our lives easier and our RS sessions a lot funnier and shit, so yeah, kudos to you guys you rock.


Edit: oh yeah, I was meaning to ask if anyone could help me with this. I was hoping to filter songs in a way that only titles with a specific set of instruments would show up. In my case, I wish to show ONLY the titles with BASS as the only track available. There are alot of those, and mostly good stuff, so I was wondering if there was a trick available for that, which would make it easier I guess. Thanks! :)

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@@Elchafr - If you want to see the songs with only bass available, make sure the "Parts" column is viewable and click to sort by that. The first 64 pages should include songs that are bass only or bass and vocals only. While you're sorting by parts I don't think you can do a secondary sort (e.g. by date uploaded or band name), though, which makes this somewhat less useful unless you want to go through the whole thing.

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My CDLC releases and my workshop 
My CDLC previews (Lots of bass only stuff)
Join us at the Rocksmith Championship!

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