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Missing notes on E and A strings on drop D



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The mostly likely reason is that your guitar's intonation is slightly off. It's quite easy to check/fix though.

Using a tuner, tune each string as you normally would, but then also place your finger at the 12th fret and play that note. The notes at the 12th fret should be EXACTLY an octave higher - i.e. they should still be EADGBe in standard tuning.

Your guitar most likely has individually adjustable saddles at the bridge, and they're adjustable for exactly this purpose. 

If the note at 12th fret is sharp, then move the bridge saddle back until it's in tune, and vice versa. Just note that each time you move the bridge saddle you'll also want to re-tune the open stringed note again, before checking the tuning of the fretted note. Once both the open and 12th fret notes are in tune, move on to the next string.

I hope that makes sense, but just let me know if you'd like clarification on anything. There certainly plenty of guitar intonation tutorials floating around online, as well.

The Led Zeppelin Discography thread

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This Post is a must read for all Rocksmith players. I have been playing Rocksmith for 6 months and I have been having this issue with it not reading some notes on the 6th string. I thought it was the guitar, the strings, the software etc. BUT this post from Jimmy Page Fanboy SOLVED THE PROBLEM.After adjusting the string intonation the game experience improved greatly! Notes AND chords now are recognized. It also sounds more correct, before my playing sounded out of tune (because it WAS out of tune). Thank you much.

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