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Locked Selling CDLC is forbidden

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We've caught a couple of users monetizing CDLC which is against the CustomsForge rules.


  • If you are caught in an attempt to monetize CDLC in any way (ad.fly via external site, charging for CDLC, asking for donations, ect) or commissioning others to make cdlc for you, you will be subject to user moderation and other administrative actions that may include a permanent ban.


This is the equivalent of cheating in a video game (and a VAC BAN). 

If you're caught selling CDLC on-site or off-site it's still grounds for a permanent ban if you're a CustomsForge user. 


Please support Ubisoft by purchasing the official DLC. Do not ever sell CDLC. It's fair use and should always remain free.

If you have any questions or concerns please PM an admin or @ me on discord.



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