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downloading multiple psarcs when only clicked once?

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For some reason it downloads multiple psarcs when i only clicked it once. this happens with every song on this site and it only happens on this site. forexample  if i use mediafire from other sites  to download an addon to a game or a mod it works just fine. any ideas? im using google chrome and i have adblock on.

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What site are you downloading from? (Example: Mediafire, Dropbox, Sendspace etc?) I am aware of Dropbox accidently downloading multiple files at once. I found out that if you wait too long to click the download button it will automatically download the file for you. Maybe this is the cause?

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No i dont think its that because if im on the webpage example dropbox and i dont click download for 5mins then nothing happens however if i click download it downloads normally then it closes the window opens a new one downloads it fast and closes and repeats until i basicly put ctr alt delete. it happens with everydownloading site on this site so mediafire dropbox megaupload etc

however like i said before, if i were to download stuff from different sites example mods on mediafire megaupload or dropbox it works normal. 

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