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3 EOF Errors - Also is there some guide on EOF errors & How to Fix them?


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I am trying to do my first CDLC and guides and videos I have run across are helpful, but these 3 errors, I can't find anything on.   Do a search and most likely return is GITHUB where it shows the EOF program code which doesn't help me much.


1)   At least on Rocksmith section doesn't have a Rocksmith Phrase at the same position.
This can cause the chart's sections to work incorrectly

Would you like Rocksmith phrases to correct this?     

If I click YEs, then a Rocksmith phrase box pops up.   No idea what I am supposed to put there


2) Warning: At least one track difficulty has no fret hand positions defined.  The will be created automatically. 

Error keeps coming back when you save it and said YES to have it fix it automatically


3)  Warning:  There is no COUNT phrase, but the first beat marker already has a phrase.  You should move that phrase because only one phrase per beat is exported. 


I have a feeling everything might have went to crap when I tried doing the add leading silence and it failed that too.  Error 6.     

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1. EOF will bring up a prompt to place a phrase at each beat that has a Rocksmith section but no phrase. Make sure that the "Rocksmith phrase marker" checkbox is still checked when the prompt comes up, and enter a name for the phrase and click OK. Repeat for each new event EOF asks to add.


2. This is mostly a harmless warning as EOF is just telling you it's adding fret hand positions itself. You can add some manually or more permanently generate them by using "Track>Rocksmith>Fret hand positions>Generate all diffs" on each track that has notes in it before saving the project. If you make changes to the chart after adding fret hand positions, you may need to edit or re-generate them, but EOF will usually warn if it thinks there are problems.


3. You can manually place a Rocksmith phrase named "COUNT" (leave out the quotation marks) somewhere in the chart. EOF's preferred beat at which to put the phrase when it is missing (the first one) already has a Rocksmith phrase, so it can't have another one. Alternatively, you can remove the phrase on the first beat by selecting it (left clicking the --> arrow), using Beat>Events, selecting the phrase in the list that comes up (it should have a P in parentheses to denote it as a phrase) and click the Delete button.


Error 6 when trying to add leading silence is a generic error condition where the resulting audio couldn't be loaded. If you're using the "stream copy" option, try using the re-encode option instead. Otherwise if you send me the EOF log in its program folder (after adding silence has failed) I can see if it reveals anything.

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@@chapmak - only the first of those is particularly serious (I think). Here's how to address them with the minimal effort, but the latter two I don't think you really need to do anything about, it just helps things a bit if you fix them.


1) When adding sections, make sure that the checkbox to also add phrases at the same position is on. Since you've already added sections, you should be able to edit each of them (Beat -> All Events, select the section you want to navigate to, then press "Edit") and make sure the "Rocksmith phrase marker" box is checked and things should be OK.


2) Go to Track -> Rocksmith -> Fret Hand Positions -> Generate all diffs. This will generate the FHP based on a default algorithm (the same that's used to put in FHP if you haven't done any). It's not perfect, but most people just leave it as is. If you want to go above and beyond and make a really high quality DLC (approaching ODLC quality), you will want to do manual adjustments.


3) Basically, you just want to have a measure in the song before the first section begins to avoid this. If you have the chart starting on the first beat, you can add a measure in 4/4 by navigating to the first beat, then going to Beat -> Push Offset Back four times.


I hope that helps!


Edit: Ninja'd.

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