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Opening An Existing CDLC

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Hello, I've downloaded a couple of CDLC's that are incomplete. I've tried contacting the original author of the CDLCs, but it looks like they have been gone from the forum for a while. So, I'm willing to get in and add the parts and sections to existing CDLC's. Question is, how do I open the p.psarc to get inside and start working on them? Thanks in advance,

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Thanks for the reply.


Okay, I went in and unpacked the CDLC. I looked around for the notes.eof and I couldn't find it. Isn't this the file I need to open inside of EOF? Also, I don't see any audio file. Do I need to provide this on my end? I guess I should just ask, what is next on my end to get in and add sections and lyrics, etc....

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You should have an audio folder at the top (if you sort by name) in the folder from the unpacked psarc file

Inside that there is a folder called windows and inside that you should see the .wem and .ogg audio files. Open the audio files in something like VLC to see which one is the preview and which is the full song.


Start a new project in EOF and use that the full song .ogg file. 

Then in EOF you choose to import the RS XML file and browse to [unpacked folder name] > songs > arr 

and there you should see the individual charts for the instruments.


Make whatever edits you want and then save it, then you just repack it in the Toolkit

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