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No audio through dedicated sound card


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I just tried to load up EoF after installing an Asus Xonar DG soundcard. EoF will not put any audio out through that. When I switched back to the onboard sound card, it worked fine. Any reason that might be happening or anything I can change on my setup? It's not a huge deal to switch it back and forth, just annoying when I want to load up the program. Currently running Win 7 if that makes a difference.

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My hands will mostly be tied on whether audio plays back or not. For the most part, EOF will just play audio out of whatever the OS's default sound playback device is. If the default device is changed while EOF is running, EOF will probably have to be re-opened to pick up that device. This was behavior somebody reported a long time ago when they'd plug in USB headphones.


If that doesn't help, but a third party solution like CheVolume does, let me know and I can mention it in the documentation.

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Tried CheVolume and it made no difference. It actually crashed a few times trying to force EoF to the sound card. It is set as the default and I tried a clean boot but still no audio from the application. Audio works fine in every other program. Just tried it with USB headphones and it works fine. Maybe something weird with the XONAR software jacking it up. No idea what's going on, but not a huge deal. I can do the headphones for quick edits or just pop the cable over for long sessions.

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Looking into that brand again, here's an excerpt from EOF's FAQ:

There are some sound driver settings that might not work with Allegro (the game design library EOF uses). One known issue is if your sound card uses a feature to emulate EAX hardware (ie. this is called "GX Mode" in Xonar branded sound cards), the sound may not work in EOF. The fix for this is to disable the sound driver's EAX emulation feature. Kudos to fatdog for this fix.

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