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Several Questions for EOF Editing


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Greetin's, everyone. I've recently started working on my first chart in EOF (latest version/patch). Most of it seems straight forward, but as I've been working on the song, I've encountered several things I've had questions on. If anyone could provide answers, I'd appreciate them a bunch!


For hammer-ons, should I use the >Note>HOPO>Toggle hammer on, or should I instead use Note>Pro Guitar>Toggle tapping?


When a chord is required to slide (in this case a power chord), I've noticed that after going to Pro Guitar > Slide > Toggle Slide Down, and then Guitar > Slide > Set End Fret, you're only given one fret to slide to for the whole chord.

What should be done here? Is there one string I should use over the other, and it will automatically slide that distance for the other string? Or perhaps there is another option elsewhere I should use?


And finally, for palm muting, is it alright to use the Note > Pro Guitar > Palm Mute toggle for Rocksmith, or is there an alternative I should be using? 


Thanks in advance!

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A lot of this stuff can be done avoiding the menus, as the keyboard shortcuts are generally much quicker. For hammer-ons, it's just "h", for slides down it's "Ctrl+downarrow", for palm muting it's "M", and there are lots of other keyboard shortcuts around. Learn to use them and they'll save you a lot of time.


Now that that's out of the way...

1) For hammer ons, use the hammer-on toggle. Notes tagged as tapped will display as tapped notes in Rocksmith, and it would be confusing seeing those (though it shouldn't matter too much for note detection).

2) For chord slides, I think the current logic is to base things off of the lowest fret in the chord. If you want to do individual slides for each string then you'll want to use tech notes.

3) Like I said above, just select the note and press M to do it faster.

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Keyboard shortcuts save a lot of time...


Note - some keyboard shortcuts do not require "Ctrl+" or "Shift+"



1) Hammer ons.  Select note (also referred to as "gems") and press "H".  Press "H" again to disable.  Pull offs are "P".


2) Slides shortcut (with note/chord selected) is CTRL+[up Arrow] for up slides, CTRL+[Down Arrow]  for slides down


With single notes its pretty straightfoward, with chords some thought is required.  The "slide to" fret (the number you put n the box) should be the lowest fretted string.  Took me a while to work out what that was (I was used to the old way, EoF changed recently) but here is example


If sliding barre chord A up to a D






then the number to put in the box is 10, because that is the lowest fret number of the final destination.  If sliding things like this






then the number to put in the box is 6, because that is the lowest fret number of the final destination.



3) For palm mutes, I'm not 100% if "M" on its own will work (I honestly don't know, not saying its wrong) but I normally use 


CTRL+M for palm mutes


SHIFT+X for string mutes


(Beware of CTRL+X, its sets the fret number to 0)





Taking the time to learn some keyboard shortcuts will save you tonnes of time and a heap of headaches navigating menus.




Have fun :D

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