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(Random) Pick Sound


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Ok guys, here's the deal.


I've downloaded multiple .exe files for now, and just can't get what I want. 


It's just one simple thing, I believe, for you pros here at custom forge.


I want that falling pick sound, that occurs when you pause the game (I think). You know what I'm talking about. I'd like to use it in my phone as a notification tone  :D


Would someone explain how can I do it, or, even better, just mail me that sound effect as a listenable format?


So far I've downloaded:

PSARC (some exe included in a pack called Ultimate TOOLZ), which does not work.


CustomForge Toolkit: was able to unpack several .psarc, but can't open any of the files that came out of it.


Something called Game Extractor, which just said it cannot open any of the files.



Sorry if the post maybe in the wrong section.

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RS1 or RS2014? you need our Toolkit unpacker, tick decode audio, than find ogg files and listen to them (keep in mind that this could be for a while to pnpack+decode oggs)

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