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Gibson WTF! Buzzing shit out of me


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okay so I have some kind of grounding problem. I looked into it and this wire looks like TIN!! It is going for grounding bridge. Anything metal I touch it stops like in the video. Bridge, pickups, tone or volume knobs, output jack, strings etc, etc.




So i thought that is probably making that fucking noise, i tried to remove that "wire" and put real wire, but I can't get out it.


In that hole I can see the end of the "wire" but cant get it out for replacing. I dont know how it is attached in there but it wont move anywhere




Guitar is Gibson Les Paul Studio 2013 Alpine White





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Just use your Multimeter in beeps function.

The beep must be continuous, if it's the case you're saved, you can try cleaning your bushing with dry paper


make a ball who can enter in the bushing & turn clockwise (screw it in the bushing (without tools).

Do not make it too long to avoid pulling on the wire when you turn inside the bushing.

blow inside the cavity to remove any paper dust.


Clean the screw too by squeezing the thread inside a new clean paper. & turn counterclockwise (unscrew).

Clean the screw's saddle contact point (all over the scew).


Now screw it in the bushing (tight but by hand (no tools), retry with multimeter on top of the screw.

Be sure the crew don't move inside the bushing**.


Clean with the same kind of paper the "saddle screw hole".

put new strings to avoid corrosion.


Test with the multimeter between the strings & the wire.


Very carrefully replug the wire & test.




**The white paint on the bushing don't help too, but as there's a lot of risk of damaging the top (removing the paint with tools), it should be ok if the signal use only the thread.

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If the problem is still here, Part 2 the jack:


unplug the jack, use this:



with this kind of alcool (house wash perfumed):



do not wet it too much & clean the hole contacts.


From the video i think you use guitar /amp circuit.

We will try on Guitar /Rocksmith only.


Clean the real tone cable jack with the previously used paper type & the above alcool.

Test, if it's fine, test with your guitar /amp circuit.


If you have to clean the amp plug hole; turn off the amp, unplug the alimentation wall plug, turn on the amp play with your guitar to discharge the capacitor/circuit, turn off the amp, clean the hole, clean the 2 jacks of the cable, replug everybody & test.

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This is not an isolated case. It's pretty common but there are very few guitars that address the issue, so you can't blame Gibson (but isn't like their quality is crap nowadays mua ha,ha). There's some methods to isolate the buzz like using copper paper on the pickup sockets and using electric paint going to a specialized store it's an option. Also there's some pedals that works as noise suppresors designed specially for that.

Finally don't expect that paying some renamed brand instrument is going to be free of issues (only some people is aware of that),actually most guitars nowadays felt in the same quality level including chinese, but sometimes cheaper brand instruments have amazing quality,many times korean made are better than american and japanese ones for example.

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Okay so I tested guitar with grounded socket. Hum wa much lower at same master level but it still do that when im not touching any metal parts and when i touch it hum is lower. So can this be only for that im not using grounded socket. Should it be so high hum when using not grounded socket

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"From the video i think you use guitar /amp circuit.

We will try on Guitar /Rocksmith only.

Clean the real tone cable jack with the previously used paper type & the above alcool.

Test, if it's fine, test with your guitar /amp circuit."


Doing this told you if you've got a guitar PB or Amp/cable one.

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