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False duplicates


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Version (Beta)


Lets see if I can explain this...


I had some problem with duplicates, that were no duplicates.


The problem is when there is a "/" in one of the fields for example Volbeats album "Beyond Hell/Above Heaven" this will create a duplicate where one is correct and the other one got "\" replaced with "/"  in the path after the album name. I use a path like this: "dlc\\<artist>\\<album>\\<title> - <version>_<dd>"


Some other songs had a empty space after the text in the album name which would create one correct and one incorrect version of the file (in the app) by putting the empty space in the path after the album name. Don't know if this is the case with any other of the fields, I only had problem with the album name.


I corrected the errors by replacing "/" with "-" and removed the empty space manually by using "Edit song information" so now I don't have any duplicates, but I think it could a good thing to look in to.



Keep up the good work \m/

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Sorry to say that it´s back after I bought some dlc´s on steam sale this weekend, bought the volbeat ones. same as before and some new ones (that worked before without problem) with a dot (.) after the Artis and/or Album, like W.A.S.P. and R.E.M. and Garage Inc. that creates one path with the dot and one without. Is there a way to completely remove app´s all files to start over totally fresh?



Moved the songs that I had problems with out of the dlc folder did a rescan and then moved the files back to the root of the dlc folder and did another rescan and now it works again.

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