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creating practice riffs



Hi All,


I've been using some of the practice CDLC's that have been put up and would like to try and create some of my own; preferably with a click track or backing beat.


Is there a tutorial for this already up, or could someone guide me how to do it?



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One way you could do this is to use a free program like Audacity to generate the click track. (On the top menu, click Generate, click Click Track.) In the window that pops up, you can adjust the tempo, beats per measure, the click sound, etc. You can adjust the number of measures which will make the click track longer or shorter.


If you want to add tempo shifts, like if you have one big file for all your exercises and exercise 2 is at a different tempo than exercise 1, you can click on empty space behind the generated audio (zoom out if you need to see further) and that will drop a mark on that spot. Then you can generate another click track and that one will be added right at the position you clicked previously.


When you are happy with the resulting click track, just export the audio as Ogg Vorbis and then you will be able to use that audio to build a new project in Editor on Fire.


At this point, you can just follow one of the main tutorials about creating CDLC like this one



A couple things to consider though. You might not have a guitar pro file with your exercises but even if you did, a click track would be easy to sync to by itself. Right click on the very first beat, and then in the top menu, click beat, bpm change. Set the new bpm to whatever you set your click track for. (Or if you made a big click track file with bpm changes, set the bpm to whatever you set your first click track for.) Press f5 and wait a second for the waveform to generate. After that, you can drag the beats around so that your beats line up with the waveform. If you press m once, it will toggle a metronome in EoF too. You can then press play and hear if the EoF metronome and your click track are lining up properly. Keep adjusting them until they do line up and then press m again to turn off the EoF metronome. If your using a longer click track with tempo changes, scroll along until you reach the end of the first click track. Right click on the first numbered beat after your first click track has ended and then press a. This will anchor that beat so that any changes to later beats wont affect the beats before that spot. At this point, you can basically just repeat the same thing for every additional click track.


Also if you don't have your exercises in a guitar pro file, then you would need to enter them in manually. This is a bit tedious and I haven't figured out how to do it quickly. If you are familiar with writing tabs, you might want to search around and see if there is a website to convert tab to GP and then just make whatever manual adjustments you need to make after importing the GP file.

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