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A rare few songs dont show up



Good afternoon everybody, I got a general question i guess. I try to get all the great songs from my youth that im very grateful everybody takes the time to transcribe. But every once in awhile...I'll get a song that just....doesnt show up in my songlist..Like two new ones today..I dont do anything different that before, they just dont show on play list. For example today i downloaded Commodores "Easy" and Duran Duran "Save a Prayer" i have deleted them & re downloaded several times. but neither song is there. Any idea what might cause that? Thank you for anyone taking the time to read and respond.

Best Regards,

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@@NatureBoyBrad -


There are a few issues I know of that can cause songs not to show up in the DLC list:


1) If the song was set to something other than Cherub Rock and you don't have that song. I just checked, and both of these were set to Cherub Rock.


2) If you download the wrong file type. Given your experience with the site and the fact that you re-downloaded the songs several times, this probably wasn't the case.


3) The DLC name is the same or sufficiently similar to that of some other custom. Both songs had the band name and some element of the song title in the DLC name, so this probably isn't the case, but I don't know exactly how this works either.


And that's all of the ones I can think of off of the top of my head. There are probably other causes that I'm unaware of, though, so hopefully someone will be able to help you out more!

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