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  1. That did the trick Bustakun. Thank you very much & thank you Firekorn, & Bilkwando for all your help. Thank you very much & have a great evening. Best Regards, Brad
  2. No dice..the only one in the folder is: D3DX9_42.dll That is it....Went & relaunched game...Same thing...Just the stack of amps..Song never starts....
  3. Gonna try it again Firekorn...I'll let u know what it does.
  4. K...Mine says EXACTLY: D3DX9_42 (6).dll Can i remove the (6)? Or do i need to try to find the original you think?
  5. Good Afternoon all, Ok i replaced the .DLL file for the PC version. All my cdlc shows but when i goto play an actual song..It just shows the stack of speakers but never starts the song...It just sits there. Anybody had this happen? Best Regards, Brad
  6. I agree 100% Mr. or Ms. Basshead1968, couldnt have said it better myself. Ty for the responses Magna Charter
  7. She made alot of songs to old foggie music that i listened to. I havent seen anything by her this year. Best Regards, Brad
  8. Thank you for the tips Albatross, i put it in there with cherub rock, w/o cherub rock. I will go double check on the name of the song.
  9. Good afternoon everybody, I got a general question i guess. I try to get all the great songs from my youth that im very grateful everybody takes the time to transcribe. But every once in awhile...I'll get a song that just....doesnt show up in my songlist..Like two new ones today..I dont do anything different that before, they just dont show on play list. For example today i downloaded Commodores "Easy" and Duran Duran "Save a Prayer" i have deleted them & re downloaded several times. but neither song is there. Any idea what might cause that? Thank you for anyone taking the time to read and respond. Best Regards, Brad
  10. Greetings everyone. Ok, i have watched the video a couple times...I can launch Rocksmith2014 fine. The two songs i have downloaded show up. I can click the songs, they show up, picture of the record, select my instrument, I select my bass...It makes sure it's in tune. Then the speakers show up on both sides......Thats it.. The song never starts or notes come across the screen or anything. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time. Best Regards, Brad
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