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American Football


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As the title says, with week 2 now on the way, I figured some members on here would love to discuss American Football and American football matters.

I'm a fan of Denver, Atlanta, New York Giants, and Bengals.

I think the game to watch this week will be the Rematch between Seattle and Green Bay.

I also think Mariota was a beast last sunday


Many nice scores on all songs :)

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A fan of four teams?  :huh:


Anyway, I wouldn't describe myself as a big fan of any team, but growing up in western NY the team I have the most connections with are the Bills. Pity me and my friends. I Billieve that they will raise our hopes (great start!), crater out of the playoff race in a devastating fashion, then in the off-season myopically mortgage the future for a present that won't quite work out, then rinse and repeat.


And I don't think you're really going out on a limb by selecting that as the game of the week. Never a bad thing (at least for the spectators) to have some of the best teams and QBs match up during the regular season.

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The biggest problem for the Bills is a Bill...
his last name is Belicheck xD

I was split on that and the Bengals and Steelers games, both have interesting stories, but not really anything exciting, but to be said, its till very early in the season to tell.

I do have Brady and Gronk on my fantasy team, which gave me 55 points last week :P


Many nice scores on all songs :)

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