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synch & delete


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Hi there,


working on a file where the tabs are out of wack with the mp3.

Because every single note has to be adjusted, it takes a lot of EOF time...


What I found is that working on the notes, I end up with notes to be played either after the mp3 ends or way before so your notes ends but the song keeps on going.


That's where I'm at right now.


Is there a way to delete bars? right now I have 6 at the end that I need to remove. How do I go about doing that? there are no notes in those 6 bars but in the 7th I have a final chord (I have synched this one to the end of the mp3, no now I have those 6 bars in the middle that I need to get rid of.

First time encountering that, which is why I picked this project...any suggestions?


Much appreciated.

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The best method is to sync beat markers before trying to adjust individual notes. If the tab is still so wrong that you have to delete entire beats or measures, you can click on a beat marker (-->) and use Beat>Delete. This will affect surrounding beats by causing causing them to fill in the space that the deleted beats occupied.

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