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Some Daft Punk for the bassists to test


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I've made 2 Daft Punk CDLC and i need help from anyone who is interested.


Instant crush : 

For this one, i've made a guitar and bass chart. I think the guitar is good, maybe some errors in the solo.

But if some bassists can take a look at the chorus. The verse is very boring but I have some doubts about the chorus. 





Giorgio by Moroder :

This one has more problems. 

I've made a guitar and bass chart. The guitar has a funky part in the beginning and two solos, i put some keyboards part because there are a lot of long parts without guitar. The song is 9 minutes long.

The guitar is good i think but the bass has some flaws.

So the bass is okay for the first three minutes, then i have some doubts from 3 to 6 minutes. Then it goes grazy for the last part, with a guitar pro that is far from perfect and 16 measures missing.


I post it here because i'm not gonna work on it anymore. I don't have the capability to chart the bass. If anyone wants to take a look, correct some, adopt the project or just play it, it's ok for me. I can make all the EOF file available.

I would have abandonned the project, but that's a 9 minutes song and the first half is good. So if anyone is happy with that, that's good. 





The two songs have tones, sections and are non-DD. Have Fun ! 

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I'll check out the first one soon.


For the second, I won't be of much help. Some that I know of that are good at tabbing bass by ear are @@Aludog, @, @@bernixix, and @@Lhun. Any one of you interested in this?

My CDLC releases and my workshop 
My CDLC previews (Lots of bass only stuff)
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I tried instant crush. The bass tab it's not  so bad. I noticed (by ear) that in the chorus there are some notes redundant  (some notes not in the right chord and they needs slap tech note).

I could take a look to the eof if you share it. Guitar path seems pretty solid.  The solo doesn't seems so bad tabbed (maybe few errors, i need to try it more with another tone i'm doing).


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Inside the archive, there is an eof file  with bass path improved with slap tech notes and i revised a little bit the tab at the end (by ear). 

I added also a tone for the solo (lead). I played several times the solo and it   doesn't seems badly tabbed to revise completely so i didn't change it.


It could be improved further, but at this stage, it's not so bad.

I would left this in workshop so we can keep to improve it  more.


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There's a V.2 in the link of the first post for Instant Crush.

I've put the bass chart of @tron001, and use his tone for the solo.

I hope you don't mind, I change a little the setting of the reverb and the modulation. Your tone was really coming from outer space. 

Thanks for your work man.

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