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Rocksmith Mods

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Hey, so I'm just curious, are there any mods for Rocksmith? Other than the CDLC songs? Like maybe some graphics mods or something like that? I built a really expensive gaming computer and used to game a lot but don't anymore and Rocksmith is all I play. So I have a PC that is (seriously) capable of playing Crysis 3 absolutely maxed out at 1080P 60fps. Yet Rocksmith isn't exactly the most demanding game and I was just thinking with such a powerful PC and playing Rocksmith all the time it'd be cool if there was some graphic mods. 

Few ideas I was thinking would be cool is like Ultra HD textures, different backgrounds (like selectable locations), maybe like an option to see the city outside the window instead of all white, SSAO, HD Shadows, Higher geometry objects, etc. 

Anyway I'm just curious if any such things exist for Rocksmith. If not, does anyone know would modding Rocksmith like that be hard? Just curious if it's even possible. I know some games like Alan Wake were made to be unmodable while in games like Fallout modding is encouraged.


One other question I had is what exactly does the Audio Engine setting do? Like I know it reduces audio lag/latency but does it effect anything else like audio quality? With Windows 7 I could do 2, on Windows 10 I can do 4. So the latency is a little worse. But I'm playing on a 150W Fender Mustang IV AMP and have the Rocksmith Tone Cable connected to the FX-Send port on the amp. So since my guitar is playing through the amp do I need to worry about the audio latency that much?

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