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cdeath's Ring of Blood


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Yep, a WoW-reference. I know....


Anyways, I hope I'm interpreting the reason for this section properly.


I have a couple of other songs with potential issues that I will post here soon for feedback, but my most immediate issue is this one:


Revocation - Exhumed Identity ** FIXED! (Edit: 7/27/2015)


After adding sections in I noticed the audio folder made by wwise was abnormally large. I'm not sure why it was, but I deleted it and started a new project again. Not sure if it was that or the sectioning, but the song runs nice and smooth now.

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I played through a bit of the intro on bass and didn't have any problems. Eventually there was a riff that probably will need some shifting of notes around (yellow string to blue string) for playability so I stopped playing there. Video will be here when done processing.


So... it could be something weird to do with your computer, or it could be one of the guitar paths. I don't have a guitar so I can't play the song, but I can at least get past the tuning screen and should be able to check that out tomorrow morning.

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