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Share your experience if you want to :D



Hey Guys,


Like you can imagine i want to gather some Information to make some things easier.

I'm a beginner for those who don't know and there are still many things that i still don't understand.

First of all you don't have to post anything if you don't want to. I just want to learn from you guys and read your experiences and maybe grasp one of those things.

I don't even know where to start... So i'll just ask some questions randomly [emoji28]


I've played till now about 1 year rocksmith 2014 more or less. The Lessons are making my brain sometimes go black out.

As you know your brain has to create connections to grasp the idea of techniques. I won't ask you about some special techniques or something like that but about the basics.

So here goes my first issue.


Bendings - i understand the idea behind bendings and stuff, but when i try to play them it's always a pain in the ass when i miss. I always go way up or below the right bend and sound.

I pretty much don't know how much i have to bend the string to get it right.

So how do you guys do it ? Is there any trick to it or just practice ? I use standard Ernie Ball Strings 10-22 or something like that i think... Are there any easier bendable strings i could try out ?


Palm Mutings - There are always Songs in which you use Palm Mutings and in between those Palm Mutings you've got clean Notes to play. Like the actual Song for the Championship Week 90 - Death Angel. You Play the First String with Palm Muting and then play on the Secons String a clean Note with a Hammer on i think it was.

I can't coordinate my Palm Muting at the point where i have to get the clean note right. I always try to lift my palm, but seems like i'm always late and then i hit the first string clean instead of palm muting. How do you guys do it ? Did you have the same issue ?


And the last thing would be single Notes. Especially the Song for this Weeks Championship Buckethead... Jumping from the first String to the fourth then from the sixth to the second and so on. It's kinda hard not to hit the wrong string.

If i try to hit the right string and note and i hit the wrong string i try always to hit it again but on the right string and then it happens, i lose sight of what the next note should be and the notes just fly by...


Before you actually post something, i won't force anybod to answer me or better said i don't . I'll take my time to practice those, but i would be happy about little feedback that could maybe help me out and maybe others too.


Okay that's it i think.. If i forgot something i'll post it down there.

As always thank you Guys for taking time to read my crap

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Bends : It's one of the hardest things to get perfect and rocksmith is a bit of an ass when it comes to recognize a bend. One thing that can help you is that RS use 1 arrow for a half bend or slower (which is the same as goign up 1 fret) 2 arrow is for a full bend (2 fret up) and 3 for full and a half or more (3 or more fret higher). Bending is complicated because you can't rely on visual cues on the fretboard and can only use your hear to know if you're correct or not.


Palm Muting : The less movement the better most of the time. You should be able to mute the first strings and not the other without having to move too much. Also moving your palm accordingly is easier when only using downstrike but you then need the speed to only use downstrike.


Jumping around is one of the hardest thing i know with sweeping because you need to get used to the space to not have to look too much at both your hand, but to be honest playing some buckethead after 1 year of guitar is madness, even after 3 year i can't get those things right at full speed directly...


What i would suggest is mostly to take things slowly but make it sound right and for that, your hear is your best ally! Don't hesitate to lower the song volume in the mixer because the most important element is what you do, not the background.

Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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