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My CDLC's wont work



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You are on PC?


You need to download a file first.




Also buy Cherub Rock.

I'm having the same problem. I purchased Rocksmith2014 and Cherub Rock 24875 from Steam as downloads. The program has been working perfectly for the past 3 days since I got it. Yesterday I downloaded a few songs to try installing. I have the p.psarc files and put a couple into the dlc folder. I put the d3dx9_42.dll in the root directory of Rocksmith2014 which is in my c:/program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/rocksmith2014. Since the song files have the 248750 id I shouldn't have had to do anything more. When I tested the first one it was in the list, played a sample. I opened it, the tuner came up, I tuned ok then it wient to the playing window with the speakers. I do have sound. But the song never started. I had to alt/f4 to close the program. The second song I used the Song Creator to change the ID number. It went through the process with success but the same thing happened when I opened and tried to run the song. Please add it to the FAQ list as I think it must be happening to a lot more people also. I'm at a loss how to solve this problem.

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@@ultimoteimoso There are a couple different versions of the DLL in the linked guide.  Have you tried the alternatives?  It's been a while, but I seem to recall the first one I tried not working for me.  In my case I think the game just crashed outright, but it's worth a shot.


If that doesn't work, I'd try grabbing some different customs too.  Look for one with a decent number of downloads and no comments complaining about it not working properly.  The game hanging right after tuning kind of sounds like what happens when a custom doesn't have tones setup properly, but it could be some other issue too.

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I found a post in the forums that was exactly what I needed. It's the 127k d3dx9_42.dll. I Googled and found nothing but 180k files and some with mall adware. I tried M$ but were no help either. Now that I found the link to the needed driver in the forum and installed it everything is working like a charm. I'm new to Rocksmith and Customsforge. I realize this site is relatively new but it is very impressive and the admins are going a good job. Thanks to everyone for your help.

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