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What are your Rocksmith Configuration settings?






I'm wondering what's everyone's settings because mine are here as shown and I know this has to do with computer specs as well but ever since the game came out I've been struggling with making it sound right and I'm tired of it.


I've read countless forums and tweaked here and there but now I just want to know yours and I'll input those numbers and see which one works for me but for now I see no lag which was a problem long ago for me.


My sound get's distorted sometimes, loud unnecessary ringing, hit a single string and another sometimes plays with an annoying ring, on palm mutes my sound goes crazy sometimes I have to lower guitar volume on certain songs, of course all these scenarios are with different numbers input.


The settings I have now are so low and by that I mean the latency buffer at - 1 and the Max Output buffer at - 768 because if I go higher now for some reasons I get the damn crackling which is weird...


Anyway, I'm tired of tweaking and would appreciate any help.

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You may just need to turn the cable down.  It's unlikely latency or buffer settings are causing your input to be too loud.


There should be a setting in the game itself to turn it down manually (which is the same as turning down the volume on the windows recording device for the cable) , or there's a calibration routine somewhere in the settings that well help you get it set at the right value for good note detection without being too loud.

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I guess it could be?  I've never had a cable fail on me (standard instrument or the one that comes with the game), so I'm not sure what a bad cable actually sounds like, or if they can just fail due to age.  I would think a bad cable would give you a ton of noise all the time, or give no signal at all.


If you can, it's probably worth it to check your guitar through an amp with a normal cable (to rule out some issue with the guitar's electronics) before spending money on a new rocksmith cable.  But really, from what you described, it sounds like the cable volume is just set too high.  


Also, it's normal for strings adjacent to one you're playing to vibrate a bit.  The ringing you're hearing is probably a harmonic.  You just need to practice muting the strings you're not playing to prevent that.

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