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Favorite distortion tone in RS?



Hey, trying to find a good distortion tone but I never seem to be satisfied :D My guitar has EMG 81/60 pick ups. My favorite at this moment is the rhytmn tone from the JerryC - Canon Rock. 


Any tips on how to get a good tone? What tone are you guys using for metal and stuff? Maybe my settings are messed up? I dunno, maybe RS simply isn't that good at emulating distortion, I seem to get better sound from my practice amp lol.

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Emulation is always a bit tricky no matter what.


For metal rhythm, be sure to use the bridge pickup which tend to have more low and medium where the neck/middle tend to have more high end usefull for lead/solo. You can also play with the tone control, it's a simple frequency filter which will lower the high end when turn to max. I tend to keep it at 0 because i like the sound to have the minimal amount of filter before being processed but in some case it can help eliminate some unwanted high end sound.


When it comes to the actual tone, i would first suggest to go through the officials one first to find something that you like. In customs, i'm gonna do a bit of self promotion with the In Flames cdlc (take the latest possible since they have better tone), you can also check the Insomnium or the Eric Calderone cdlc too.

Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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