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A set of just one particular string gauge

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So I was curious about something. I'm sure the answer is you can't, but is there any site anyone knows of where you can buy a set of one particular gauge? It seems that the high E string goes dead or breaks quicker than any other strings and I have to replace them twice as often which leaves me with a lot more of gauges 11 - 42. So I'm basically just wondering if a site sells a set of just 10 or 9 gauge strings so I don't have a bunch of the other gauges lying around.

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it does exist : http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/ernie-ball-nickel-plain-single-guitar-string


Some simple research (or even a call to your favorite guitar shop) might be of great help to find exactly what you want!

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I think many of the string manufacturers sell single strings. For example, D'addario has some here (at least for one of their string types, you'll have to click around for others), Kalium has some here (this page has around the .01 range), and I'm sure the others have similar things but I'm too lazy to look for all of them.

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