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I guess you know how this works,
so instead of me explaining, here's the link to all my customs: Link

Below you can find my ongoing projects, so take a peek if you're interested and if you find something you like let me know. You're always welcome to tab something out yourself of course.

Progressive Music Project:

As any of you might have guessed from the list of customs I've release and the ones released by others that I showed interested in the most, I'm a big fan of progressive music of any kind and the fact that the progressive tag can be applied to almost every genre is what makes it so enticing. The monotony of straightforward radio friendly pop, rock and metal is often to much for me and that's when I turn to the "dark" side of music, where I can unwind in ever evolving musical stories of intricate complexion, not only told by thoughtful lyrics but made alive by the voices of the instruments. I especially like progressive rock from the 70's, but not only the classics, also the more obscure stuff that didn't reach the masses, even though it was sometimes as good, if not better, as a lot of the most popular acts, but that's personal opinion. The same goes for the definition of what's progressive as well, because not all bands can easily be classified as such, but I'll stick with whatever's defined as progressive on http://www.progarchives.com/.

So here's a list of all my progressive music customs already released so far:

Aardvark - Very Nice Of You To Call


Adam Sandler - The Goat Song


Alan Parsons Project - The Cask Of Amontillado


Argent - Lothlorien


Camel - Slow Yourself Down


Chris Squire - Hold Out Your Hand/You By My Side


Dr. Z - Evil Woman's Manly Child


Ekseption - Smile


Ekseption - Beggar Julia's Time Trip [RS Cut]


Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Jerusalem


Emerson, Lake & Palmer - The Sheriff


Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Jeremy Bender


Focus - Sylvia


Frank Zappa - You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here


Frank Zappa - Camarillo Brillo


Frank Zappa - Uncle Remus


Gentle Giant - Think Of Me With Kindness


Glass Hammer - The Old Troll And The Maiden


Jeff Wayne - The Eve Of The War/Horsell Common And The Heat Ray


Jethro Tull - Cross Eyed Mary


Jethro Tull - Teacher


Jethro Tull - To Cry You A Song


Magma - Dondaï


Pink Floyd - Fat Old Sun


Rare Bird - Sympathy


 Van Der Graaf Generator - Darkness (11/11)


Van Der Graaf Generator - Refugees


Yes - Perpetual Change



Musical Project:

However much I love me some great and complex progressive music I also have a fondness for simpler forms of entertainment, like say, the stuff musical theater is made of. There's of course different kinds of musicals: there's the simple song structured ones like "The Book Of Mormon" or "Wicked" and there's also the more progressive ones which work like classic music theatre, i.e. "Les Misérables" or most of Steven Sondheim's musicals. I am a big fan of both formats and I want to bring a nice variety of bits and pieces of all of the famous musicals to RS, but I would also appreciate every effort from other charters in this direction.
So, if you have any interest in this kind of musical entertainment, then join me in my venture and help bring some more color to RS by putting out a great selection of famous musical songs. I have a nice collection of sheet music for most of them, so I could set you up with those if you need them. Just let me know what you are planning to do and if you release it, I'll put the link into the OP of this project, so we can collect all the customs in one place.

Now for a list of musicals that I plan to work on eventually:

Les Misérables
Sweeney Todd
Sunday In The Park With George
West Side Story
The Producers
Into The Woods
Little Shop Of Horrors
Billy Elliot
Book Of Mormon
Scrubs Musical
Bombshell (Smash Musical)
Lion King
Fiddler On The Roof

Here's what has been done until now:

Beauty And The Beast - Belle


Cats - Gus The Theater Cat/Growltiger's Last Stand


Into The Woods - Ever After


Jeff Wayne - Eve Of The War/Horsell Common And The Heat Ray


Monty Python's Spamalot - Act I Medley


Seven Brides For Seven Brothers - Bless Your Beautiful Hide


Seven Brides For Seven Brothers - Sobbin' Women


Rocky Horror Picture Show - Over At The Frankenstein Place



If you have any particular song choices for any of the above mentioned musicals let me know and I'll let that influence my decision of what to do next.

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Nice one mate, will be some fantastic work :)


Very much looking forward to the stage/musicals, especially Little Shop Of Horrors.


Any thought of doing the Rocky Horror Show?




Phantom of the Opera would go down a treat on this too :mrgreen:


I really must find out how to make these customs.



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There were already some customs for RHPS, that's why it's not on my list. I'd rather work on other musicals instead. Not sure what though. :/ I'm quite intrigued to do something from Chicago or Book Of Mormons, so I'll probably start there.

I also thought about making a single custom of the Complete Symphonic Recording of Les Miserables (3+ hours) but that would be quite some work and it would probably be bass only. Still, it would be totally awesome and like being part of the orchestra during a life performance. :D

Atm I'm finishing up another big transcription project of mine which I hope to release by sunday and then there's still some other stuff to do before starting anything new.

If you manage to learn making customs then I'll gladly help you out with some sheet music for the musicals on my list. Otherwise you'll have to wait a bit.

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I've finally finished my big transcription project, which you'll find here: http://customsforge.com/topic/6508-beggar-julias-time-trip-rs-cut/


I plan to do more Rick van der Linden related stuff, i.e. the "King Bird Suite" or the whole "White Ladies" album he recorded with Trace (who effectively became Ekseption again in their third line up).




I know this is all very obscure music from the 70s but I think it's fucking amazing and it's a shame that no one's ever tabbed anything from them. Rick van der Linden was pretty famous back in the day and is up there with Keith Emerson and John Lord as one of the most legendary and prolific players in rock history and bassists Cor Dekker and Jaap van Eik who played with Rick are not far behind. Anyway, this is Dutch musicianship at its best. The only other dutch band on par with Ekseption and Trace was Focus. Jan Akkerman was more or less Rick van der Linden with a guitar. :D

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King Crimson's Starless would be so awesome, I love the crazy part in the end, powerful sax. It's a shame that there is nothing from King Crimson except 21st Century Schizoid Man and In The Court Of The Crimson King.


Keep up the good job.

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I really have to do some KC one of these days. Although my list is full of Prog songs, I haven't released much of them because it's usually a very difficult genre and thus a lot of work to get it right but I'll definitely try to bring some of it into RS.

Also, I really need to update my spreadsheet but with the excellent search feature on here, it's not that relevant anymore. :D

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