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Classic Rock Coalition Members


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The Classic Rock Coalition Social Group

Updated 7/19/2016 - Still room for new members

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36 Full Members and 121 Guests - 157 Total

The Classic Rock Coalition Social Group


36 Full Members so far as of 7/19/2016




       avdocatwork        manchot66                RSBass                frippchen                   

Magna Charter    Magna Charter       Magna Charter      Magna Charter      

         830 posts               846 posts               307 posts                1357 posts                

       2305 Likes             1302 Likes             1260 Likes                4089 Likes                

 117 Customs         73 Customs         81 Customs              48 Customs            

   Dallas, TX             Chacago, IL          Germany                      Germany              

RS2014: Steam  RS2014: Steam RS2014: Steam         RS2014: Steam    


http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-42195.jpg?_r=1420926299http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-2650.jpg?_r=1424226840 http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-2213.jpg?_r=1407516926http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-7385.jpg?_r=1395164509

        jbroch                       torkk               AtreidesGhola         xDatBoiSOBLE             

Magna Charter        Magna Charter       Magna Charter     Magna Charter             

245 posts                         295 posts                158 posts            205 posts                

328 Likes                         453 Likes                 233 Likes            312 Likes              

6 Customs                    43 Customs              13  Customs        7 Customs           

Boston, MA                  Kerney, NJ                 Mayfield, OH              USA                 

RS2014: Steam     RS2014: Steam           RS2014: Steam       RS2014: Steam    



    chrixlanier                RufusDelta                robage12           Crossbolt242              

       Newbie                 Magna Charter             Donator             Magna Charter

         2 posts                      267 posts               77 posts                   455 posts

         3  Likes                418 Likes           28 Likes             1457 Likes           

       Customs                 45 Customs               Customs             106 Customs         
     Calif.  USA                        USA                     Detroit, MI                                             

 RS2014: Steam        RS2014: Steam    RS2014: Steam      RS2014: Steam      



           Aludog                KJParsley             albatross213              Antithez               

   Magna Charter              Donator            Magna Charter       Magna Charter       

      1233 posts                457 posts                1643 posts             848 Posts 

      2309 Likes                340 Likes                 3045 Likes            2129 Likes

   197  Customs               Customs           278 Customs           355 Customs          

Vienna, Austria          Tijeras, NM             Princeton, NJ                France        

RS2014: Steam      RS2014: Steam      RS2014: Steam      RS2014: Steam    


http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-3782.jpg?_r=1424640751   http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-7841.jpg?_r=1432240366http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-15810.gif?_r=1445632199 http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-238.gif?_r=1437862544

   vigonsky2009              MAGGERS      RobotMom           Bornwild

  Magna Charter            Member         Magna Charter     Magna Charter   

         592 posts                266 posts          128 Posts             636 posts

         371 Likes                153 Likes           174 Likes             236 Likes 

   16 Customs                   Customs       8 Custom           2 Customs  

        Spain                            Mexico                  USA                  NC, USA

RS2014: Steam     RS2014: Steam  RS2014: Steam  RS2014: Steam  


http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-7328.gif? http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-61839.gif?_r=1450017179http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-53842.jpg?_r=1434807673http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-655.png?_r=1394482248

  Liquidlizard           JamesPrestonUK     A51Ripcord           Gnobiwan

 Magna Charter             Member          Magna Charter      Magna Charter      

     790   posts               679  posts               279 posts              246 posts           

   3032   Likes             1527  Likes               158 Likes              878 Likes      
 129 Customs          270 Customs             14 Customs           93 Customs   

                                           England           Chattanooga, TN   Mission, BC, Canada

 RS2014: Steam       RS2014: Steam      RS2014: Steam     RS2014: Steam


  http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-62322.jpg?_r=1432915560   http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-306.jpg?_r=1405601136  http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-2748.jpg?_r=1396211981                                     

     4baroque               Bavarezkrd                Chumazik                    engleg

 Magna Charter     Magna Charter          Magna Charter        Magna Charter

         5 posts                 105 posts                     15 posts                768 posts

       13 Likes                 113  Likes                     54 Likes                289 Likes
   2 Customs                4 Customs                 8 Customs             2 Customs

                                 Krasnodar, Russia                                       Denver, Colorado

RS2014: Steam     RS2014: Steam         RS2014: Steam   RS2014: Steam   


http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-81540.png?_r=1438476545 http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-3851.gif?_r=1415381894http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-227.jpg?_r=1392784434http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-5801.jpg?_r=1451001205

  troyza1981                 Tank-OR                     Damage                 jhespada        

 Magna Charter        Magna Charter    Magna Charter     Magna Charter

        10   posts                 76  posts                  33  posts             130  posts

           9  Likes                   44 Likes                  18  Likes                87  Likes

ADELAIDE AUSTRALIA        Texas, USA              NH, USA                    

  3 Customs                    Customs               1  Customs          13 Customs

RS2014: Steam     RS2014: Steam       RS2014: Steam   RS2014: Steam


http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-703.jpg?_r=1406373156  http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-1395.jpg?_r=1439319898http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-3156.jpg?_r=1430421854http://customsforge.com/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-294.jpg?_r=1393624069

PC Plum                  GetTheLedOut             zsoca2010        Snake3169 

Magna Charter         Magna Charter          Magna Charter     Magna Charter

1607 posts                  740 posts                 56 posts              797 posts

4172 Likes                2161 Likes                37 Likes           1332 Likes

               261 Customs              157  Customs             25 Customs              85 Customs           

  Edinburgh, Scotland            Calif.  USA          Merten Northland-Westfalia     Crittenden      

RS2014: Steam          RS2014: Steam           RS2014: Steam          RS2014: Steam


Go to the The Classic Rock Coalition Social Group and become a guest to see Current Customs in progress and Customs in the Testing Phase that will soon be released on CustomsForge and also Customs nearing Completion and along with customs planed.

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Just fyi, my "Likes" are not as low as written here. I guess nobody really cares about that anyway but I was kind of confused to see such a low number. :lol:

It goes to show ya, how long you've been here with the Classic Rock Coalition, those were from when you first started here, but I updated them a while back. Just now posting about it, I must be getting slow in my old age, more likely so busy with so many things I skip details. :)


Later, avdocatwork

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