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Latest Update 4/19 Edition

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Hey everyone,


Unfortunately we have lost a few staff members recently who stepped down or became inactive: Asmo, Luiza, The Troglodyte, YLedbetter. Thank you for everything.


I am proud to announce we have added several new members to our team.


Mods:@@Liquidlizard, @@rummhamm87, @@xDatBoiSOBLE, @@ZagatoZee

Social Media / Mod: @@firekorn

Developer: @@Anahkiasen (creator of Furnace)


I'm looking forward to working with these amazing staff members on improving CustomsForge.


Another new addition is that we've moved our domains over to a new registrar and finally migrated our 3rd server.


Want to access ignition faster? You can now use cdlcsearch.com and/or ignition.ninja to access it.

Another new feature we recommend everyone to use is that you can now enable two-factor authentication to your account.


The big question. What's the current status of ignition?!?!?

We've been dealing with a delay in development, recently our main developer was sick and our other developer was neck deep in work.

The good news is that we're rewriting ignition's framework and plan to implement it in may. 


Our current plan is to release an update sometime between the middle of may or the end of june for both Ignition and the CustomsForge Song Manager!


Because of some CFSM features we can't release it until the new ignition update is released. I apologize for the wait but everyone will definitely like this update! 

Additionally we plan on improving the whole system for better theming, features, and more. 

We will be shifting development services for better use and looking for better low-cost alternatives.


We're working on streamlining our development process, becoming more active on social media (Facebook, Twitter, possibly opening up our own subreddit), and making everything faster/better.


We will be using this portal page to post all types of rocksmith and music related news. 


I can't wait to bring everyone here the best search engine for CDLC! 


Don't forget to donate and thank you for supporting and using CustomsForge as your place to learn new music.

Also do everyone a favor and support ubisoft by paying for that pack you've been wanting ages for.

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