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Black Sabbath, The Mob Rules - first attempt


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Still WiP, not dead but I near am :)


I feel that I need a lot more exp charting, this song seems to have a lot of timing issues, or of course I could just be crap :P


No need for further feedback atm, thank you :)





After lots of reading and installing and failing :P I finally got this malarky sorted.


I've had a deal of trouble getting the tones correct. I think they are not bad, could use some work maybe... or that could be my guitars.


Linky Here


Could you good people take a looksee please and comment on accuracy and tones etc.


Oh one thing, tuning should be simply Eb Standard, no idea why it says custom.


Ty Kindly :)


Lead and Bass with DD

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The reason it's indicated Custom tuning is because it is one. The tuning is Eb Ab Db Gb B e instead of Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb for the Eb standard tuning.


The lead keeps going even after there's no music at all which is really annoying.


Also all the solos need to be really adjust in many ways with the different slides/bends.


Lastly, never put only 2 sections on an almost 4 minutes songs. You really need to put more sections to allow everyone to riff repeat the song correctly.

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Lmfao, I've spent about 15 hours trying to get this sorted. Kudos to you guys and gals that get us good versions to play. Really can't believe how much effort goes into it.


Anyhoo... I've got the lead side of things sorted in eof, at least mostly, all timing is superbly accurate (i believe) still need to get vibratos and some slides in.  Mainly happy with it.


However (and its a biggie) I've put the bass line on and it was atrociously out of time, well I've managed to feck it up good :)


Is there anyway to delete the bass arrangement without messing the lead side up? I've put about 3 hrs into lead side and not saved because of silly questions and slide changing it wants to do.


I'll be leaving the computer on waiting for a reply lmao :D

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