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Another minor beef:  In the previous search, you could click on the name of a song, artist, creator, tuning, etc. for any data entry for each posting.  This was quite handy in that it simplified the search process.  If a band that you hadn't thought of in a long time came up, you could just click on their name under the new posting and, BAM, you instantly get all the listings for that band.  That was nice.


Now, there is no such link.  We have to type the band's name in the search.  Oooooh nooooooos, you say.  Yes, this is a minor beef.  Yet, it's still a step backward.  It's also a bit more problematic when you want to search on 'the the' or the cars.  There are 30 some hits for 'cars' but only 12 songs by 'the cars'.  If the band's name was linked to a search on all listings with that name, the problem would be solved.  Searching on 'the cars' seems to solve that problem.)  Even with the old system, we could filter out all the non-Cars titles after a broad 'Cars' search by clicking on the first 'the cars' listing.   I'm sure there are even more problematic search terms, many would still be problematic with the old system.  Try looking for the song 'War'.  But at least with the old system, it was a bit simpler. 

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Ah, I see.  However, playing around with Ignition seems hardly the solution as the thread you link to attest to how others easily missed the links.   And, if you search on my posting, you'll see I've been playing around with Ignition since it was first offered as beta.


That aside, how is this a step forward?  One click has been replaced by two.  

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