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Clean guitar sound problem



Hello everyone, now two years of playing with Rocksmith and still have the usual problem of the clean sound of the guitar, or when I start a song you lose the distortion and the sound is clean, and there is no way to solve unless restarting the game. lately this happens very often not only on specific songs but a bit with all.

Does anyone have the same problem? has been solved and found the cause or not?

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I believe that the cause is the induvidual customs themselves.  I have never read anything to say otherwise.


If you play a lot of customs that cause this problem then maybe learn to add your own tones.  It's really not that hard once you learn how to do it, it's only a 2 minute job.  Might take you 2 hours the first time though :D


- Download the toolkit


- Unpack troublesome custom


- Repack with the tone you like (you can import tones directly from other customs, so just remember/write down the ones you like)




And remember, you don't even have to get the replacement tones perfect.  As long as there is a tone there then it will not "break" the game, so you can easily hit 1, 2, 3, 4 to engage yet another tone to play the song with.




And btw, your Youtube channel is great :)


But I don't see any PC Plum customs on there :(

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No, when people make a cdlc they need to put together certain things.  You need to include a tone of some sort, there are many ways to do this but the easiest is to import from another custom.


Believe it or not some people spend hours and hours of their life learning how to make a chart, making one and then pack it together with no tone.


When there is no tone in the custom this is what breaks the game, it goes to a clean tone and you cannot change it any more until you restart the game.


It is less common now because the toolkit adds a "default" tone if no tone is selected.


You can use the toolkit to add your own tone to a custom without one so that you can play it without "breaking the game".

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