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Sound still breaking up for anyone else?



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Never heard of this being a pandemic level issue.  


Did you muck with the latency buffers?  If you set that too low symptoms like you are describing can occur.  Buffers should be left to default unless you have a beastly computer,  If your computer can't keep up at the stock latency you could increase the buffer value but that will increase the Audio delay.


I would be looking at drivers, CPU/GPU temps and utilization and things of that nature if you haven't made any game config changes.  You are going to need to be a bit more specific with whats's happening for people to help.  Like does just the sound go slo-mo or do you drop frames too?  All songs or just customs?  Rough idea on you CPU specs would help a bit too.


There is a good troubleshooting FAQ on the official RS site that may hold the key to your issue.

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When the sound cracks up, the video slows down too. I have tried with stock settings and with altered ones. I thought this was a common problem. My hardware is competent enough (Q6600, 4gb RAM). Maybe it is something to do with the Xonar DGX soundcard. I think it affects all songs. Sometimes the sound will be bad when I start RS or sometimes it just breaks up randomly in a song. I have looked at the help files and will have a go at changing settings again.

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