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Request for filter: Multitracks (and misc requests)



First of all, thank to the whole team for the awesome work on ignition.

It looks really nice!


But to be honest until now it only looks like a visual update... exept for the "song preview window" there are no new features... or am I missing something?


Here are some ideas for actual new features:




What I would like to see is a special filter (maybe even a whole column with a special icon - since we can freely switch columns off if we don't like them) for CDLC that contain multitracks.

Charters who do this put in lots of extra effort to bring Rocksmith to a whole new level, so it deserves more attention. I think lots of people don't even know about it - and I have read that those charters complain about the low amounts of downloads on their multitrack versions.

I am aware that I can find most of those CDLC by searching for "multitrack". But I don't like it when the song title field is cluttered with additional information like "XYZ's version", "awesome 3000!" or for that matter "+ multitracks".

Futhermore, some charters may write "multi-tracks" and then I don't find them easily.


Of course this would require to update the possible fields on the record page, but I think it would be worth it!


And if you agree to all this, it would not be too much effort to do the same thing with "Metronome Bonus Arrangements". Of course even less people know about that and/or find it useful... but well, I would love it :)


Bottomline: One new column "Special Features" with icons for "Multitracks", "Metronome Bonus Arrangements" and whatever else the future may bring, with those features beeing selectable in the "filter". This requires new tick-box-fields in the song entry page.


PS: Most Metronome songs can currently be found with the following search:






About the collections:


Do I understand correctly that we will get notified about updates in our "Collection", since it is the same as hitting "Follow" on the record page?

While it is great that songs are added to your collection when you download via "+" on the left, the same should now be true for the "Download"-Button on the search overlay, as well as the download button on the (classic) record page.

I have several hundred downloads on each of my customs, but only 3 or 4 subsribers on each of them (and this includes me). I can only assume that basically none of my downloaders do find out about my updates at the moment, because they don't understand / care about the follow feature. People should be forced to follow, unless they actively deny that.


Bottomline: Auto-Follow (add to collection) on every available download button / link. Choice "crtl + click" for download only on every button as well.

And: Auto-Follow your own posted customs!(!!) (please! it's just a no-go when charters don't even receive the messages on their own songs.)




Have a setting that allows us to control whether we want to get notifications for both updates AND comments on the songs in our collection, or ONLY update notifications.





Reduced width of columns "version", "added" and "updated":

I think the table looks much cleaner without linebreaks, but of course often you cannot read the whole song title now. The columns named above could be made less wide, in order to free up some pixels for "artist" and "title"




Please reduce the width of the rows by a tiny bit:

On my 1920 x 1080 display I am able to display 25 search entries at once in the old search - this means I can look at all the search results without having to scroll down.

In Ignition, I can only see 22 search entries, so I have to scroll.

This may seem weird, but the necessity to scroll makes me prefer the old version at the moment.*


* The dark theme is the other main reason why I avoid ignition, I realized.




Please make a white theme available, too.




Extended notification feature:

It would be great to be able to select artists, albums and charters to a list of favourites. Then I want to receive a notification if a new CDLC is added with any of those criteria. This way I could e.g. directly follow a charter who's work I appreciate.




Please add the autosearch feature (searching while typing into the search field, without having to press enter) that was included in the old search.




Add a "Thanks" button to the "hovering song preview window".

This gives actual credit to the charters and might help reduce the number of "Thank you" posts in the entry. It is frustrating to be informed about a new post in a song in my collection, only to find someone posted those two words instead of something meaningful.



The comment section in the "hovering song preview window" needs some improvements:

- Time stamps

- show quotes properly (when people quote each other, currently it gets really confusing)




Ignition "feels" slower in terms of loading times. Maybe the loading time in both versions is the same, but since it's always darkening and popping up the loading circle for about one second, this second disrupts my view and makes it feel reacting slowly. In the old search it's a seamless transition between two pages.

Just get rid of the dark loading animation!





Again, thanks for the awesome work! I hope you find my suggestions useful :)

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Check out my easy tutorial on how to add a metronome to your CDLC: Mute the original music, play only with the metronome and find out how good you really sound! Also: Find CDLCs that have the metronome enabled!


Want a USB-Footswitch that you can use to control the tone selection and all the menus in Rocksmith? Check out Rodman's Tutorial and my additions to that!  Footswitch_Logo.png

My CDLCs: Devin Townsend - Life, Deep Peace, Ih-Ah!, Deadhead; Farin Urlaub - Ok

My ideas for new features in Ignition, e.g. filters for Multitrack CDLC and Metronome CDLC.

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