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rocksmith 2014 CDLC on PS3



Update Now CDLC working perfectly


Hi I want to use cdlc on rs2014 im on ps3. It is a jailbroken console.  can someone advise what is needed?

1.I have read I need cherub rock.  How can I get that if my ps3 is jailbroken. I dont go on psn.

2. If buying from the rsstore will my console be flagged as its jailbroken?

3. Does the chrurub rock dlc need to be activated if so how ?

4. Where do I get the psarc file that in put in the dlc folder from?


If someone can help or point me in the right direction I would be grateful ps

Sorry im new lol I didnt even know about rocksmith until 2 weeks ago thanks for you time

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Seriously people no one has an answer. If anyones thinking I dont own rs2014 your wrong, I do if you require proof I can arrange that. Besides there no point running a copy as you still require the realtone cable which sells for 20 pounds plus. The game only cost me 30.

I hope someone who has it running on ps3 can advise. 

1. Do I need a original dlc if yes then where can I buy from bearing in mind that to use cdlc a ps3 has to be jailbroken (running cfw) so how did other ps3 users get the dlc if they are on cfw aswell.


I really dont want to get fed up and end up getting it for pc aswell because if I do then I definitely wont consider buying it. 

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If I had a jailbroken PS3


1. I wouldn't go on PSN either, see 2.

2. Probably, yes.

3. I have no idea.  Do you have any other shop bought DLC (presumably from before when your PS3 was jailbroken) that you could use instead?

4. Which psarc?  Cherub Rock or do you mean the psarc files that are the CDLC songs that you get from this site?



I really dont want to get fed up and end up getting it for pc aswell because if I do then I definitely wont consider buying it. 


5. I wouldn't go incriminating myself on here.  :lol:


6. You could try a Google search for "Cherub Rock psarc"?  If you manage to get something, I don't know whether it'll work. 


I gave up on the PS3 version and bought Rocksmith 2014 for Steam.  IIRC I only paid about £11 for an online code for it - as you say, you already have the cable.  Sorry, I've been no help.

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Hi guys and girls I got it working now perfectly. I have only tested it with 5 songs which i got from here and they are


1. Michael Jackson Give into me

2. Michael Jackson Dirty Diana

3. Kens Theme Street Fighter

4. Linkin Park In The End

5. LimpBizkit Take A Look Around


Luckily it did not take long to figure it out. I wish the same could be said about my guitar skills :lol: Seems i wont be able to play any of these songs for a long time. Im a complete begginer im only on the fifth tutorial lol.


I would also like to thank you lovely people on what a lovely job you lot have done here on this site youve made a great game/tutor even better by extending its playable/learnable content even wider.  My Next step will be learning how to make my own CDLC as there were a few songs i could not find, oh and also loads and loads of practicing with Rocksmith 2014 Thanks again and keep up the great work

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