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How do you halve the bpm in the annotation layer (Sonic Visualizer)



Hi guys,


I'm trying to create Rainbow - Rainbow eyes for Rocksmith 2014 in Editor on Fire. In the guitar pro tab that I've downloaded it says that the bpm is 69. I have tapped the bpm and 69 is accurate as far as I can tell. I've tried mapping the tab with 69 bpm but it eventually goes out of sync. When I estimate the bpm on EoF, it estimates it as 137.5 which is double. I've tried using a Bpm Counter program and that claimed the bpm was 115 which is completely inaccurate. I've also tried using Sonic Visualizer but again it doubles the bpm. I think the best solution here would be if I was able to halve the bpm of the annotation layer made in Sonic Visualizer. If anyone knows how to do this that would be great.



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I think it is because the timing of the GP file you are trying to use is not 4/4.


Import it to EoF then manually change the bpm to 2*69=138.


I won't try to explain why as I would not get it 100%, its just how EoF handles things which are not 4/4 timing.



And remember, GP file tempos are not always very accurate.  In fact, about 9 out of 10 GP files needs some kind of bpm adjustment.  So the bpm will likely be somewhere between 135 and 145.  It's easier to tell when you have notes on screen and play it back, use the hand clap sounds (press C to enable/disable in EoF) and you will see what I mean...


Also, unless it is a modern dance track or the band recorded to a very strict click track, then the bpm will change throughout the song, which is why mapping the beat is necessary.

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