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Nothing Loads Beyond Tuning



Looking for help with getting my mac steam version to play. I can get as far as tuning the guitar before it freezes up.


I have done everything listed from the previous posts, and when I start the game it says Enumerating Music. No matter if I select a song (cdlc or default) or minigames, it wont load the actual gameplay mode. I get as far as tuning the guitar but beyond that I get nothing :/


I can still strum and hear the guitar but I am stuck with a screen with animated amps but thats it. Only way out is to force quit.


Please help!

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I had a similar issue with my Mac version in the beginning as well. Turns out it was due to a bad CDLC. To resolve the issue I removed ALL of my CDLC and then starting adding it back in in batches of about 6. Then I tested each and every one of them to ensure they were working. Then added the next 6. This caused me to eliminate a number of the CDLC's I originally downloaded as I went along and everything now works great. It was worth the time and effort.


A few tips I learned along the way:


1. Make sure that every song you use has a Custom Tone attached to it. This is detailed in the song info on the download page. No tone will often cause the game to freeze.


2. Ensure that you do not have any songs of the same name. If you do, just decide which one you absolutely can't live without and say goodbye to the other one. 


3. Once you have done the above two steps, you may want to try redownloading any songs you really want that were not working previously. But this time, download the PC version and convert to Mac yourself using the Tool Kit. Then test it. If it let's you tune and then you get stuck with just the amps on screen, remove the file and reconvert it. This fixes the issue 99% of the time. 


I hope this helps you. There are a few CDLC's that are wonky and will cause issues so you just need to take the time initially to get a good foundation and then add over time, little by little. 


Edit: You may also want to test the game after removing all of your CDLC to verify that it works that way. If it does not, then you may have an issue with your actual install.

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