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How to pick up new song in repeat riff? (100% DD or gradually improve)

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Ho do you guys puck up new songs in rr model?

There are 2 ways

A) 100% DD since first time to play the song

B gradually automatically improve DD


the pros for A is you can know the hand shape of the song from the very beginning

the cons is it will be super difficult for you to play it even at very slow speed


the pros for B is easy to pick up but you may inevitably to change hand shape during progression of DD. as RS official song doesnt let you know the hand shape at lower DD level


Right now i do both, please let me how do you pick up new song in RR and what do you think on these 2 ways

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Usually i use A. 100%.

Rare, when i lazy and simple relax and for fun, i im start new a song in  B mode, and play a few times in row until DD grow up, then when DD stop grow up, i`m stop play it. If want more good learn this a song and  if is section without 100%, then simple leveled up all section in RR,  and learn hard section in RR with low speed. 

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I typically use DD to increase difficulty - especially if it is a song I don't know at all. 


with that said - once I get a song closer to 100% difficulty - I might just bump it up the rest of the way, especially if I had a problem figuring out a patter, just so I don't learn the wrong finger placement .

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I used at first to use the B option to get to know my guitar and RS way of showing the partition, then i shifted to A because it became possible to get almost everything right at the slowest speed (except really hard piece of solo).

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I thing DD and RR both have their place.


But just beware the old adage that "practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent"


Each time you increase DD you are essentially learning a new piece. If you spend too long on a reduced difficulty level you may ingrain those habits too deeply.


But I think both have their place.

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