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Bass covers with tabs


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I have been making some bass cover videos on YouTube and putting tabs for the song.

I play all songs in standart tuning and try to make the bassline close to the original but also interesting and easy to remember/play(since it's so hard and pointless to play all the notes exactly like the bassist did on the recording).

Maybe I will do some lessons about bass and musical theory applied to it, if anybody is interested...


So this is my YouTube channel:



I would also recommend this site for learning bass, as it helped me a lot years ago, now it looks like it's has some paid lessons put I think there's still lots of good stuff for free there. It also has a cool bass tuner and other resources like that.


This isn't for money or just personal promotion, I really want some positive criticism over my videos and I think that many people here could learn a little bit with me and teach me some stuff too.


Hope this is helpful for somebody...

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Hey man,

Thanks for your work, I always enjoy watching YT videos of bass covers. Maybe I can give you 2 pieces of advice :


You should raise the volume of the songs in some of your 'lessons' videos, for example in 'Come As You Are' the volume is way too low; and you should also adjust your tuning to the actual song : for example it's strange to play 'Song 2' in E Standard, this song is meant to be played in Eb.


Other than that, it would be really cool to make pdf transcriptions of the songs you play and add a link to the pdf files just below the videos.


Keep up the good work!

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Thanks, there are some really old videos, I don't really remember how I used to make them, but now I try to make them loud.

I always play in standart tuning because I got used to only play this way. I just hated changing the tuning of my bass and when I started to learn some songs by myself I found a program called Aria Maestosa (which is pretty cool by the way) with which I would open mid files I found of the songs and when notes where below E1 it would show then as negative values. At first I found this really strange, as I was a total noob on music, but then I realised the songs were on tuning below the standart, so I would use the program to put the notes or parts one octave higher. At the time I saw some people saying that playing higher pitch would make the bass and the whole song sound weaker but in general I don't believe this is true, although some songs really need a lower touch (but then I think I would use an octaver or something like that lol).

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