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Rocksmith Custom Toolkit - Firewall fix for Bitdefender Total Security

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Since the latest versions of Rocksmith Custom Toolkit, Bitdefender has found a few virusses in the files. Of course Bitdefender is always oveprotective so he blocks the executables and puts them away for you to use.


This is how to fix it so that Bitdefender will trust the files. (it worked for me at least)


If you don't trust the safety of these files, there files are completely open source, if there are virusses, you can just go check the files yourself. But trust me, there ain't.



  1. Go to the download page of the toolkit's latest version.
  2. If Bitdefender blocks you from entering, first of all click the settings button on top of the page you get, turn of the first 2 options. Then there is a pretty small text beneath the button 'Bring me back to safety'. Click on the small text to get you through anyway.
  3. You will stay on the block page but you will have downloaded the .rar file.
  4. Extract the .rar file in the place you want the toolkit to be.
  5. If the rocksmithtoolkitgui.exe is available, try opening it as administrator.
  6. Soon or late, Bitdefender will say there is a virus detected and remove rocksmithtoolkitgui.exe
  7. Go to Bitdefender and click on the number '1' (or higher number) near Antivirus.
  8. Click on the first items in the list and tell him to restore the files.
  9. Make sure you have restored all of the toolkit files that he removed and not any others.
  10. Go to the Bitdefender homepage again and click on the 'setting' button and choose for 'Firewall'.
  11. Click the second button ('Toepassingsregels' in Dutch, might be something like 'Executable Rules' in English).
  12. Add a rule and give him the path to rocksmithtoolkitgui.exe
  13. Put 'NetworkType' on 'Trusted'.
  14. Click 'Ok'.
  15. Try opening rocksmithtoolkitgui.exe again.
  16. For me, he removed it again.
  17. Now you go back to the virusscan and restore the files again, this time they are marked as trusted and the guitar logo will be at rocksmithtoolkitgui.exe

I hope this helped.

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@, I've reported our site as false positive and they stillnot repounded to me, but I glad that they fixed it, can you guys test it again when I ask you to? I just looking intothis issue and I'll try to validate with VirusTotal, than ask you after, deal?

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It still decides to delete the executable after a while but I can use the program when I install it.

I left the .rar file into the file so every time I use it, add the .exe from the .rar back to the file, open the .exe, change the IPs and soon he'll remove the .exe again which I then extract again next time. Only takes a second.

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