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Hi all, has anyone had issues with certain cdlc having very distorted sound for the bass? as soon as the song starts the bass sound is very distorted/overdriven to the point that you cant even hear your own guitar. as soon as the songs over and you go back to song list the tone is normal. Is this with  the tone made for the song? if so how do i change the tone for that song so its playable? Bass tones should never be distorted or overdriven imo. makes it sound horrible. Any ideas? thanks.

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It's the tone that was used for the songs that is bad. Switch to a bass tone that you like when you are playing one of these and report to the charter (if possible with a tone file).

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A lot of charters (myself included) don't own a bass, so we just slap on a bass tone and hope it sounds good. You can assign your own tones in the tone designer. As Firekorn said, please let the charter know, because most of the time he won't even know that there is a problem with the bass.

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i have that very same problem.

strange thing is: it now occurs on songs that played normal couple of days ago..

NIN - Piggy for example. really like the song and have played it around 10 times now.

since today the distortion kills the song, even without playing a note. only thing that helps is a complete mute of all strings.

i have a active preamp bass.. but i already changed batteries (read this would help - and it did, but now the amp seems to be super sensitive)


is it possible, that my pickups are broken ?


sry for bad english







when i used the auto-sound for the song, the distortion remained. so i tried to create a setup without pedals, loops and all that crazy stuff...

this worked. i now only use 2 things i cant delete. the speakers and 1 other thing i cant remember ;)


but what caused this chaotic situation ? is the newest unlocked equipment automatically assigned in your auto-setup ? i surely assigned an equalizer at some point to complete a mission, but the other stuff -> cant remeber that. however i did unlock something today.. and the problem started to occur today.


an other idea i have is that i use some whacky cdls which somehow assigned a certain sound (of its song) which somehow isnt set back ?? or maybe is a setting other dlcs wouldnt change (back to "normal") ?? 


hope someone understands what i mean :/

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Sounds like you may want to re-calibrate using Rocksmith. 

I'm not entirely sure how active setups work, but now that you've changed the battery, it could be that your pickups are now "hotter" than they were. If this is the cause, re-calibrating should help.

And no, unlocking new equipment does not change any of your tone presets. It just makes that equipment available when you use the tone editor.

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