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How to copy from another guitar part 100% same?


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i have a problem that somtimes when i try to copy lets say a solo that is in another guiar part in EoF, it will always move some notes a little and somtimes not fully cpoying some techniques and tech notes...id do it in guitar pro but i have no idea how to use it to edit parts-i always do it at EoF.


tldr:i just want the EoF to copy everything and without moving notes:)


btw i use r1341 but i wanna know if its my eof or my settings or so...thx

if you dont get what i mean i can upload a vid~ :)

GazeRock Is Not Dead! 

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A few things:

1. You need to line up the seek position exactly where you want the first pasted note to go. This usually involves using the seek by beat or seek by grid snap functions. Then the pasted notes will all have the same grid snapping the original ones did.

2. Make sure to use the regular paste function because "Old paste" does not adjust the pasted notes for different tempo changes in the destination part of the chart.

3. EOF doesn't copy tech notes along with the regular notes, but all other techniques are expected to copy/paste properly. If you find otherwise please let me know. You can follow up with another copy/paste to copy tech notes as appropriate.

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oh i just did the way you said and its all fine ! thanks alot!

and i didnt know about copying tech notes... :P thats solves everything.

thx again!

usualy i just copied stuff somewhere and then moved it to the right position,i guess thats what made the notes to move by a little bit.

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GazeRock Is Not Dead! 

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I usually use the track with the tech notes (lead, solo) as my "base" and then cut and paste sections into that, because as mentioned above, the tech notes don't transfer when you cut and paste.  You can also hit F4 in EoF to go into tech mode and then cut just the tech notes themselves (actually it's not the whole note, just the "tech" part) and then paste them into your original and line them up properly.  Just make sure you are in tech mode when you paste.  You should still check the accuracy of the tech notes as a lot of them are way off in the tabs.

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