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PC *and* Xbox?



Hi everyone!


I apologize if this question has been asked - I did do a search around here and Google but couldn't find it anywhere.


I purchased Rocksmith 2014 for my Xbox 360 and later wanted to be able to play upstairs too (kids hog the TV) so got Rocksmith 2014 for the PC, which is where all my dlc lives.


I'm registered on Steam, so Steam knows this - my question is: Is there any way to somehow link the two so I can access the content I've bought for PC on Xbox?


I'm thinking it's unlikely because of different file formats, etc... but in case Steam or Rocksmith was smart enough to let me do this I thought I'd ask all of you experts.


I don't want to purchase the same DLC twice, but am not sure if there can be any connection between the two? 


Thanks for any insight!!  I love this site so much, I have gotten so much help and tips from really nice people. :D




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You do.  The licenses for DLC are non-transferrable unfortunately.  If you're patient the DLC goes on sale from time to time.  The big summer sale has ended, but I think they usually do a fall season sale as well.


Oh yes, they do :)


I cover the big sales over at avforums, they'll have a Thanksgiving sale end of November time for a few days followed by a big christmas steam sale where they discount almost everything. Always best to wait till the last day as the daily deals could just pop up with a bigger saving.


In the summer sale all rocksmith and rs2014 dlc was 25%, the daily had a good discount on both games, but the discount on the dlc remained the same.


I'm holding off for the 25% off again before grabbing anymore, with the songs from rs1 and rs 2014 along with the cdlc from here I've got plenty to play :)



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