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Squier Deluxe Strat worth it?


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Recently i bought a new guitar. And i learned: Go to several guitar shops and play the guitars. If you feel comfortable while playing, it's worth it. Othewise don't take it.


I thought about a 300 € guitar and played quite a lot of these, but there was nothing i liked. I played a couple of 800 € guitars but ended up with a 550 € Hagstrom because this one was perfect for me.


So: Don't look for brands, just play them.

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To get an idea about a particular guitar, I'll often look it up on musicansfriend.com as they often have a lot of customer comments on the popular items.


Here's the one for that Squire Deluxe Strat you mentioned:



Has 70 reviews, and while there are some negative reviews, the general consensus is positive. A lot of the negative reviews are from people who were sent guitars with some issues, so if you have a local guitar store that has these, you can fair much better as you can handpick the guitar.


From my experience, no guitar is the same, even if it's the same model, brand, etc. They all can feel differently, so as the other poster mentioned, try them out in person, if you can.


You mentioned you have an itch to buy another guitar. I know the feeling well. :)


Are you just looking for a Strat-style guitar?  If so, then you can look at other brands, like G&L, Ibanez, ESP, etc. G&L is Leo Fender's 3rd guitar company after he sold Fender, and after he left Music Man. They make Strat and Telecaster type guitars, and their budget line (I think it's called "Tribute") is pretty good.


I own a USA-made Fender Stratocaster (and also a Made-In-Japan Strat), and I still often play my G&L Strat a lot.  I also still love my first guitar, an 80's era Squire Bullet, which is a weird hybrid of a Strat and a Telecaster, but with a slim and shorter neck. The neck feels great! (The necks from the Bullets are also really popular on eBay, people get them and put them on their telecasters.)  


I haven't tried that Squire Deluxe Strat though. I'm sure if you can find a good one, it'll be worth while.

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It's not about evaluating the guitar, it's knowing if you feel comfortable playing with it even if you just play 3 note and 1 power chord or whatever.


A guitar too heavy for you or with a neck shape that doesn't suit you will change how well you will play, nobody is asking you to play some Hendrix perfectly while trying out a guitar, just to try it and see if it seems good enough for you and match your taste.

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I'm still very much a beginner, I don't know if I could properly assess a guitar just by holding it and plunking away in a shop.


I was a beginner too. You will be able to tell if it fits to you. Believe me.

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