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Found 7 results

  1. Hello there, For official DLC that is unpacked from the toolkit there is an XML file exported.... however the Toolkit does not recognise this XML file. Is there any way to either: 1) convert this XML file to a format that the Toolkit accepts or, 2) export a guitar pro tab from this XML file? I know some will wonder why and the answer is that I would really like to have the songs I want to learn all in standard tuning. Particularly those that are slightly offset tunings. (I've got as far as having everything I need except for a valid XML file to finish the packages) So far I have tried the RocksmithToTab softtware but this is not working for me. I've also tried using the song manager to export XML and am getting an error message. I'd really appreciate any options I have here apart from giving up :)
  2. Hello I was asked to add this to the EOF fourm section so that EOF devs can have a read and see if this can be added into the software or atleast explain it for anyone else to do this double stop bedn with different values. I wanted to add a double stop bend to my CDLC Rock n Roll Star by Oasis this bend is in the chorus of the song and requires the strings to bend at different values as show. http://i67.tinypic.com/25klyef.jpg To get the desired effect i tried many things but could get the result I wanted so I turned to CF's discord for help, lucky two clever users I)ark_Seph and Firekorn where there to help me out. So in EOF you need to find the bend you want to do this on you need to highlight the bend and go to Edit Guitar Pro Note (n key), here you split all the notes that are highlighted. http://i64.tinypic.com/2mmaezq.jpg Next you need to save the song and find the tracks .xml file then open it in notepad or notepad++ to make it easier. Using the timing form EOF locate the bend code in the file. http://i64.tinypic.com/2073p6g.jpg Then edit the desired string e.g string 3 to a full bend instead of a half bend do it to all the code that needs it to be done and save the file. http://i63.tinypic.com/2wqqx79.jpg Then you can compile the song in RStoolkit and test it out on RS. Sadly if you need to edit any of your chart in EOF you will have to do all above again as EOF overwrites the changes. Here is the result http://i65.tinypic.com/nwk2g0.png Hope this helps users and hopefully the devs can add into EOF with a future patch. Thanks for reading :)
  3. Hi guys, i'm having trouble importing the xml files from my Spit Out The Bone custom from Metallica, i have this message, can anyone help me? http://i.imgur.com/oYeHeVQ.jpg
  4. So im on my 6th CDLC and ive gotten the hang of creating customs, but im having a problem generating this new one. i get a "package was generated with errors (4, 61)". I went to go test the track on RS14 and the song arrangement was replaced by one of my other CDLC arrangements.. i don't know how it got there and so far on EOF i've deleted all events and checked the lyrics and it still won't budge. Help would be much appreciated as soon as possible
  5. i keep getting this error when attempting to add an arrangement xml ive just made. http://i.imgur.com/XOATrS8.png?1?2867 i have no idea whats wrong. my best guess is possibly an issue with the gp import? i made this with the versions of eof and the toolkit ive been using so updating either should not have been an issue. doesnt happen with other xml's i have. EEdit: can this be moved to the EoF area. i just tried loading the xml as a rocksmith import and none of the notes actually show up in eof so im pretty sure the problem is entirely an EoF error
  6. Hey I'm trying to make my first cdlc but I'm abit stuck.When I tried to import my arrangement xml file, I noticed there wasn't any and saw that my "Real guitar files" weren't Xml but just an ordinary .eof fileAll help is welcome.
  7. Would you mind uploading the PART REAL_BASS_22_RS2.xml file? Even if it's incomplete I can copy/paste or whatever needs to be done. Losing notes sucks, but it's still fun to jam along. Giving you both the F*cked up PART REAL_BASS_22_RS2.xml (ended up in Wrong Tuning and 5-string...) & PART REAL_BASS_RS2.xml This one is almost fine, may need a little copy pasting to finish... I Transposed what i could so it's Setup in CEAD = C1 E1 A1 D2 or in EoF it's -5-5-5-4 (the -4 the low C1(Fattest/RED String) Lowest we can tune to...) http://www.sendspace.com/file/x5kv3i
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