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Found 5 results

  1. Ok, so this post is slightly Rocksmith related - hope I've put it in the right place! Some of you may know that I have basically (no pun intended) learnt to play bass, pretty much using Rocksmith alone. I think I started January 2014, and with a lot of help from the Championship on here, and some excellent Charters, who keep this place going, made massive improvements. Well, about a year ago, I joined a covers band. It was a good learning experience, and with a few one to one music lessons, it managed to wean me away from Rocksmith, at least a little. Anyway, last December I was kind o
  2. I don't like to complain at all but i have to say this ROCKSMITH IS FUCKING UNPLAYABLE! My profile got damaged somehow (atleast that's what the game says) and that wouldn't be a problem because i can make a new one. But the problem with that is the game itslef does not remembers any progress with any profile. In other words: if i make a profile and make some progress with it and then quit then open it again if i chose that profile it starts with the basics when you first play rocksmith. Not even mention that the guitar sounds like fucking megaladon diarrhea shit even with or without headp
  3. It's been a while since I made my last post in CF and it had many reasons. First,I started to have doubts about creating content for the community, also had doubts that I can't make any progress about guitar playing and family issues of course. I don't know when did I posted my last CDLC on the website but it was at leas 3 or 4 months ago. To get to the point I need your help guys! I just can't seem to find anything new material to try out and play (what I mean by that, bands or just songs). Also,I've markd a bunch of youtube videos to watch it about guitar playing but for some reas
  4. So lets start of with the thing that has made me upset the most. Have any of you lost all progress on your songs before and cant get a back up? This has happened to me and now I have to got through he struggle of the DD songs Second. Its it weird that I miss one day of playing bass and now I feel crap? I practice atleast 4 hours a day and my bass neck broke so I got it repaired, missed a day of practice. Now I have it back and I feel like I have gone backwards. Last but not least. Have you guys ever had to repair a Real Tone Cable before? My one is getting a bit dodgy and cuts out at c
  5. Hi. I have just started to learn making custom songs to RS2014. It's my first CDLC work-in-process. There are some issues and I'm asking for help. I believe that tabs are good so I haven't modify them. My steps: * EOF - import tabs, lyrics, add 3s delay, some sections * UltraStar Creator - prepare lyrics * Wwise - prepare song for game * Custom Song Creator Toolkit - run DDC and compile song Questions and issues 1. I added 3s delay and moved 1st section a bit to synchronize notes with music. In EOF they seem synchronized. In Rocksmith notes seems to pass too late or it's just an illusion
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