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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum but I have been playing RS14 since it came out for the PS3. Picked up my first guitar, ps3, and RS14 at the same time hoping to learn how to play. I fell in love and played loud through the big speakers on 2 player all night every night with friends. I bought a ton of dlc's + the original RS with the transfer dlc and was really learning to play. Even bought a new Gibson LPJ, a Takamine G series acoustic, and a Ibanez bass for my friends. It was great for a long time. Then my troubles started... The PS3 died and I had to get a second one and lost all my stats. Had to start over but no big deal. Then I was on my third failed rocksmith guitar cable having fixed 2 and replaced 1. Still not something I couldn't fix. Then I got a PS4 and purchased the game for that platform, re-starting stats again and also uploading all my dlc's for the third time witch was a pain. Now the real problem! Ever since The PS4 I have a terrible audio clipping / cutout issue sometimes on 1p and always on 2p. I can momentarily cure it by switching to and from the ps system audio output settings. I have tried all possible settings and connections on the tv, radio, ps4, and guitar for countless hours and have searched to find the problem is known but developers cant fix it. {Its not my gear!} I also noticed more delay on the new system but figured it was just me playing faster and I was noticing the latency more as I improved. The audio issues were so bad we quit playing the game altogether. Recently I set up my old PS3 in the man cave and plugged it into an old 70's tube type 700w Kenwood receiver amp and some towers. Holy cow did it kick ass! No Question my latency dropped dramatically and no more clipping type issues. I forgot how awesome Rocksmith was. I am totally happy playing through my PS3, but now I cant get a bunch of dlc's I already purchased to load from the ps store onto my PS3 without paying again. I think there all the ones I had gotten after I switched to the PS4. I really feel as if I've been jerked around and ripped off at this point having bought RS1, RS14, RS14 for PS4, and 2 separate cables online, + probably hundreds of dollars in dlc's over the years. Seems as if the PC version is the preferred way to go and little support has been issued toward the platform players. Don't think the ps store is going to let me download them all onto a p.c. if I go buy it again either. I cant play well over $60.00 worth of downloads I paid for, and I'm doing it on my old platform. This sucks! Can someone please help me answer some questions on these subjects so we can hopefully start enjoying this system again or at least reach a conclusion. Also interested in CDLC's but have heard and read it is difficult and risky witch I'm not interested in either one of the two. I don't want to go through hell and hack my system just to get free tunes and risk my accounts, etc. Thank you for any help you can be. All information is good for an idiot like myself.
  2. Recently, I've had to go into my Rocksmith ini file and change "Win32UltraLowLatency=" from 1 to 0. The reason was I went into Rocksmith one day and I was getting a constant popping/cracking noise that got worse whenever I made noise with my guitar. It was unbearable. The only fix I found was to change the aforementioned setting. HOWEVER, I've noticed that I can't get my volume nearly as loud as I had previously. I've tried messing with the gain and volume from with the sound mixer, etc. The end result is that once the volume get's so high it's sound terrible. Sort of like static and electronic noise together instead of a nice smooth note. So I was just wondering if there was some change somewhere that I'd have to have made this change and if maybe there's away to go back to how I had it before. Thanks for taking the time to read and I'd be interested in knowing if anyone else has experienced this issue.
  3. ive been playing guitar for 10 years and i know when im hitting the notes on time, but there is some latency and it is throwing my playing off since my input is JUST off enough to cause an issue with me playing in time with the song. When im set to Win32UltraLowLatencyMode=1 in the ini it gives me the crackling sound. on win 10 btw. And i have the LatencyBuffer=1 which is the lowest it can go. the adapter cord wont work in a USB 3.0 port. and im not sure quite how to tweak the display correction meter in game. Its really getting frustrating to try to practice with this issue,
  4. Created a custom song. Added 3 seconds of leading silence in EOF. When I play that back it is fine. When I generate the file and put it into rocksmith, the audio track starts immediately and is out of sync with fret board. Can someone help me know what I did wrong.
  5. Hello all, The very helpful fellows over in this thread have got me swapped over from XBOX to Steam with RS2014 for a measley £7 and a little bit of learning. So, I am delighted overall with things but the game is suffering from audio lag, and this makes it very difficult to play! I wonder if any of you guys are using RS2014 with Win8 successfully, as the blurb only mentions that Win7 is supported. If I need to upgrade the board or whatever else, then that's fine. Also, I would even downgrade to Win7 if that's what i need to do. Attached are my specs - I checked before buying the game from Steam and they exceed the minimums. http://eppc001.ddns.net/img/system.PNG Thanks! Nick.
  6. According to the Ubisoft Rocksmith forum sound latency FAQ the game does better with on board sound. So what motherboard are you using that you are happy with the sound? I am putting together a rig and trying to figure out which MB to get. I typically play through headphones. Thanks.
  7. Hi guys, have any of you tried RS on PS4? It's said that the only viable option is to use optical output on PS4 and I have no idea of its latency. It's sad they don't have any demo to try this cuz the cost is much higher than Steam version in Russia. If any of you tried both versions I want you to share your experience here. PC latency is noticeable, but really low imo.
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