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  1. ive got a 144hz 1ms GYSNC monitor. and i have just a stock dell sound card. im using headphones. I says when i have the win32ultralowlatency on it is like 3ms and when its off it is 22ms. but i cant figure out how to get the crackling to go away. I can post my audio log if that will help i got it down the outputbuffer to 160. anything lower than that unless zero and there is no sound at all. there is still a bit of crackling. i noticed this in the log wow64_fix. is there anyway to enable that? that must reference a x64 OS. here is the log 00000000: : INIT ExclusiveMode 100000000: :
  2. ive been playing guitar for 10 years and i know when im hitting the notes on time, but there is some latency and it is throwing my playing off since my input is JUST off enough to cause an issue with me playing in time with the song. When im set to Win32UltraLowLatencyMode=1 in the ini it gives me the crackling sound. on win 10 btw. And i have the LatencyBuffer=1 which is the lowest it can go. the adapter cord wont work in a USB 3.0 port. and im not sure quite how to tweak the display correction meter in game. Its really getting frustrating to try to practice with this issue,
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