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Found 5 results

  1. How do i change handshapes in this program? I've been looking on google for past 2 hours and nothing came out of it. Can anyone make a simple tutorial on how to setup the handshape for a SINGLE note? Does any other software exist for charting for rocksmith?
  2. Hi all, So one of the joys of learning a song in RS is to see an intimidating flurry of notes and then with some Riff Repeating, certain patterns become obvious and the impossible becomes possible. What I prefer to do when creating a custom is give the user cues on how to use the optimum strategy to master a phrase. Example on my current custom is this. Messy in my opinion, not in EoF but in-game on fast scroll http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/CustomsForgeStuff/Questions%20for%20CF/Partial%20Handshape/As%20Imported_zpskzb00xzw.png What I would like to do is mark the above phrase as a Handshape. Since the LowE and G strings remain unchanged throughout the phrase I attempted to see if I can provide a partial handshape to whatever is static throughout the phrase but EoF returned the following: http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/CustomsForgeStuff/Questions%20for%20CF/Partial%20Handshape/Can%20I%20used%20handshape%20as%20follows_zpsejd4542f.png I guess it doesn't like partial handshapes. So trying to get my head around Ghost Handshapes I wondered if this could work with single notes instead of chords so I tried the following. http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/CustomsForgeStuff/Questions%20for%20CF/Partial%20Handshape/Trying%20Ghost%20Handshapes%202%20strings-frets%20fixed%201%20variable_zpsq8krg1si.jpg but it doesn't seem the Ghost Handshape logic is meant to do for single notes what it does for chords since I now get the same thing as the first image except now I get the blue highway highlight due to marking the handshape. (As I was just testing the Ghost handshape idea I didn't get around to applying fingering to this above test since this idea didn't end up working) I then noticed this post today in raynebc's EoF Hotfix thread and it seems like either this idea has already floated about and is authorable or under consideration. I'm still not a hundred percent clear on what the purpose of overlapping handshapes is for. Is this needed in order to have chords inside of a handshape/arpeggio? Or for having fretted/open gems inside a handshape that aren't used in the handshape's base chord? I guess I would just like to know if there is currently a "best practices" way of authoring, through EoF, the partial handshape I seek or if what I want to do is not (yet) doable. I was going to try modding my XML to test how to shoehorn partial handshapes but perhaps I've been out of it long enough that my question is actually a noob question. Thanks! P.S. I guess a partial handshape, if it were possible, works fine for my example, but I recognize there certainly exists a more complicated variant to my example: If one wished to encapsulate a phrase in a handshape where there may be the occasional different notes on the same string as those cemented by a handshape (fingerprints). Example D/Dsus4/Dsus2 type shift like in PC Plum's Sweet Child O Mine.
  3. I know that in a normal situation I have to change something on the sections or in the handshapes but in this case it makes no sense at all. Correct me if'm wrong but I can't find any problem with this HS in the Last section of the song. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2dAm5utc-VcTHhpVkdrME5RUTg project: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2dAm5utc-VcaGptcTg5VlFxTDA
  4. I'm trying to figure out how to display phrases like this the most cleanly (assume a "let ring" there): Ideally, I'd like the arpeggio/handshape functionality to display the 1 & 3 fingers at the first & second frets throughout the whole 4-chord sequence, while keeping the standard chord boxes, but this doesn't appear to work. With no handshape/arpeggio marks, the result is as expected, with "different" chords showing up for the 10 & 02 blocks, and the fingerings appearing & disappearing per chord: If I add ghost notes to fill them out, the fingerings still don't display. Which leaves the options of using handshape or arpeggio, but these end up looking rather messy: handshape: arpeggio: This looks about the same whether I mark the entire block as a single handshape, or each chord separately (w/ appropriate ghost notes & fingerings). Or is it just not possible to do what I'm trying to do? Any instances of multiple notes without a bounding box around them tends to look really confusing & ugly, and, most importantly, are hard to tell that they actually fall on the same beat (especially when they fly by at full speed), but the overall fingering won't display otherwise... :\
  5. Hi guys, I've been following your work from the last month or so, BTW, and you guys have done incredible work!!!! Thank-you!! I have an issue, that may or may not be Remastered related. While final testing my imminent CDLC, Blaze Bayley - Stare at the Sun, I encountered a strange issue. See animated GIF below from my custom's outro with 2 similar successive handshapes, where the first works perfectly in-game but the 2nd neglects to highlight the lanes in blue on each side. http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/CustomsForgeStuff/Questions%20for%20CF/Non-appearing%20handshape%20lane%20highlights/Blaze_SatS_NonAppearingHSlanehighlights_zpszk0maktj.gif It doesn't seem to be an EoF issue since the XML looks as it should. http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41/Berneer/CustomsForgeStuff/Questions%20for%20CF/Non-appearing%20handshape%20lane%20highlights/EoF%20screenshot%20and%20pertinent%20code_zpsfc6qawc4.png I am using latest toolkit from October 24. First noticed issue: October 8 packing with CST v2.7.1.0-53552b41 (I retouched the synch in this version, rel to Sep22) Last functionning packing: September 22 pcking with CST v2.7.1.0-7b9489e5 I happen to have handy a video playthrough from September 22 packing from before the Remastered Rocksmith 2014 release on Oct 4 in which you could see from 7:10 to 7:16 in the following link, that it worked fine in the past. (Top left quadrant which is the lead PART Real_Guitar arrangement in which the issue exists) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3dkcbUdF7k This makes me wonder if something in the toolkit has inadvertently changed due to "Remastered". I just can't tell if it is a toolkit issue or not or just the game glitching and beyond repair. Here is a link to all my files of any interest including psarc from Sept 22, Oct 8, and latest from Oct25. Anyone know why this is happening and, more importantly, how to fix it? Remarking the handshape in EoF didn't solve my problem. My PC: OS: Windows 10 Home Version 1511, OS build 10586.633 - 64 bit, RAM 32GB CPU: Intel® CORE i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00Ghz AV: Haven't installed any - useless. Even with them I have to re-install Windows every 6 months .NET Framework 4.6.1
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